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Thomas' Virtual Online Media_Museum.

A Historical RAREE-SHOW to Early Vintage Visual Media.


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Media Archaeology online

Visual Media is a today's "Raree Show"
What's a true Raree show?

This website is an
online Media_Museum explaining intriguing and mostly forgotten Early Vintage Visual Media and their history.

The aim is not to bring a complete overview of the history of Visual Media but rather a personal selection.

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Thomas by Quinn Jocobson

Modern Wet Plate Collodion 'Alumitype' by © Quinn Jacobson
See some new books on historical photo processes

The Alumitype is a modern variant of the 19th. Century Tintype & Ambrotype.
This portrait of me was taken by Quinn during the Bievres, 2009, Photo Fair.

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Due to copyright restrictions it is not always possible to publish all my personal choices. Visitors on my site who think they have relevant material to publish here will be kindly asked for permission and use of their images. All suggestions are welcome. Mail-to: Pipistrello

Early Visual Media is a NON-COMMERCIAL but INFORMATIVE and HISTORICAL web site. The aim is to share information with other collectors, researchers & museums, universities, etc., following my personal choice of subjects. Hopefully, this provokes interesting correspondence, debate and discoveries! - Mail-to: Thomas Weynants


The main content of the site will be material from private collections enlarged with the collections of museums & institutions, universities, etc.
This web site will mainly focus on
Media Archaeology, Pre-Cinema, Precursors of Photography, Photography & Early Film, Death Dance AND Conjuring Arts, spiritism, in relation to the previous subjects.

The term PRE-CINEMA, as we will notice, is much wider and not limited only to devices who deserve a place in pre-film history. For this, the term is misleading!

Further illustrations will be used of items where the copyright is passed and came into the public domain.
If you should encounter images on this site on which you have copyrights, please let me know and I will
immediately remove the item, unless permission to publish will be granted.
I will, of course, avoid, the online publication of protected images but one can never exlude mistakes.

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Indra Moonen on a 'Wet Collodion Plate'

Modern Wet Plate Collodion 'Alumitype' by © Quinn Jacobson
See some new books on historical photo processes
!This Website & Images are Copyrighted!

All images and texts on Early Visual Media are protected by copyright. It's allowed to print images and texts for private use only; distribution is only possible with explicit permission of the Early Visual Media author.

It's also allowed to cite under the condition that you always quote the original source. Reproduction is possible under the conditon that you always quote the original source AND provide, free of charge, three copies of the publication, except for commercial purposes, in which case reproduction, even with quoting of the original source is NOT permitted.

The publication of official images and texts on this website is nowhere official. Despite all efforts made, Early Visual Media cannot guarantee that all of the historical information on this website is correct, complete and up-to-date.
(SOFAM (dutch) - SOFAM (french) ref. 26/38)

Those who allow their images to be used will be properly credited, including a link to their home page, if available, as can be seen in the portrait on the left.

The 'Alumitype' of Indra Moonen on the left is a modern variant of the 19th. Century Tintype & Ambrotype. Indra is a photographer too, starting experimenting with the 'wet collodion technique'.

This expressive portrait of Indra was taken by Quinn Jacobson during the Bievres, 2009, Photo Fair.

Quinn Jacobson's website on the contemporary wet Collodion Technique and discover his teaching & workshop calender devoted to this 19th. century photo technique.

Curriculum Vitae Englisch or Dutch

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Depending on the availability of images combined with permission to use, more subjects will be handled.
All reactions, opinions and critiques (both negative & positive) are very welcome to enable me in improving
the above task. If you enjoy my site, please provide a link on your web site's linkpage.