Daily life of the Devil in Hell at the end of the 19th. century, Death and Satire in Stereophotography

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Conférence par Mlle. Satan
Click image for the original (?) 72 set as seen in Jac Remise's book

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The definitive book on Stereo Diableries is published and announced on Halloween 2013
Denis Pellerin - Brian May - Paula Fleming
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Stereo-Diableries are an intriguing set of 19th. century humorous, satirical and political inspired 3-D photographs. These albumin stereo prints depict daily life in hell, a world inhabited by male skeletons and demons, often in contrast with provocative and surprisingly realistic women, all modeled in clay. Many of the images show political critique and satire on the Napoleonic regime. A hazardous intent during the period these images where made.

When it comes to originals, for collectors the most attractive version of the Diableries are the so-called ‘stereo tissues’, back-colored albumin photographs showing ‘day & night’ effects similar to the techniques used in diorama paintings, peepshow views, the Polyorama Panoptique and various other early immersive analogue media devices and images.

In another page we will see stereo-ghost images but both, these devils & ghosts images, are in no way related to the respectfull 19th. Century Post-Mortem photographs, subject of another page on this website.

Soon available Diableries, Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell by Denis Pellerin, Brian May, Paula Fleming.



Because of their rarity, most Diableries will be illustrated here as single images. Where possible, I will add, both, links to stereo versions & color images.
To my knowledge, only one book is devoted interely on these fascinating views, written by Jac Remise, the same author of the well known "Magie Lumineuse" illustrating the Pre-cinema.


This book mention 72 different Diableries as one complete set.
Perhaps this is true, Although I feel that some of the views do not all belong to one single set. Several other views mentioned in the 139 title list could be part of the majority of views depicted in Jac Remise's wonderfull publication.

A good example of a suchlike view, not published by Remise, is "Diable d'Argent" made by Hennetier, as seen in the left image.


Pierre Adolph Hennetier (1828 - 1888)

Louis Alfred Habert (1824 - 1893)

Edmond Cougny (1831 - 1900)

The sculptors of these detailed works of arts in are known, Pierre Adolphe Hennetier (1828 - 1888), Louis Alfred Habert (1824 - 1893) & Edmond Cougny (1831 - 1900).

Cougny turns up only one time. Hennetier is mostly seen in this set and also in the other Diableries, subsequent to the number 72.

Diable d'Argent and Le Diable amoureux are both suchlike examples of Diableries made by Hennetier and due to this belong to this, as it were, "original" set. Of course, there are more reasons to supose the existence of at least three different series!

Le Diable amoureux


(17) Fête de Satan

When viewing the diableries, different styles are recognised!
A lot are entirely real 3-D diorama settings. (left)
Others are only a plaster relief moulding. (right)
Further, several diableries are a combination of a painted or 2-D background with three-dimensional elements in the foreground. (below left & right)
These three genres are seen in the book and it is very unlikely that all three genres originally belonged all together?

(04) Le Purgatoire

            Une machine Infernal

For this reason, I believe, at least, in the existence of three different series made subsequently because the huge popularity of the subject of Death & Hell.

Furter, there are similar diablerie titles showing related versions of one specific theme. Compare Une machine Infernal (left) with
(37) Station du purgatoire

However, the best example to illustrate this is
(32) Satan malade, seen in the book & Les medecines du Diable.

(44) Résurrection

              (32) Satan malade

Both in, (32) Satan malade & Les medecines du Diable, the similarities are easely recognised. Probably, one of the two was a new version for a rivaling popular Diablerie series?

Or perhaps they are part of one set, but in this case, it is certainly missing in the so called complete original (72) set of Diableries seen in the only monography about them.

I'm sure, there are still more than the 139 titles I'm aware of. Please, let me know.

Les medecines du Diable


Visite du Soleil a Satan


The definitive book on Stereo Diableries will be published on Halloween 2013 by
Denis Pellerin - Brian May - Paula Fleming
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