Early Magic Lantern Slides in the Folk-Art Museum - Ghent
Het Huis van Alijn'


Long slides in a Folk-Art Museum collection
Het Huis van Alijn

This page illustrates a selection of panoramic early hand-painted magic lantern slides in the collection of 'Het Huis van Alijn', the local museum of Folk-Art in Ghent, with thanks to Sylvie Dhaene, curator of the museum for permission to use these wonderful images. Visitors on this page are invited to identify the subjects on the depicted images. Send e-mail with comments and information to Thomas Weynants.

Some of the slides in this series where used by photographer Stephen Sack to interpret a series of contemporary art-works based on early slides in deteriorated condition. Stephen Sack (°1955, Plainfield / New Jersey), is intrigued by antique objects and most of all in how they deteriorate during their existence.

The visual appearance of how these objects are changing during this destructive process is what he captures in his often fascinating, mostly large format, photographs. Stimulated by old historical cultures he left the United States and traveled true Europe where finally he found his new breading-ground in Brussels. Images of his work can be found by following the hyperlink behind his name.

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