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Pre-Cinema & Optical toys

Pre-Cinema & Optical toys

Pre-Cinema & Optical toys

Professor Mervyn Heard

The Magic Lantern Society, GB International Media Museum - Qatar
  Devices of Wonder Magic Lantern Castle Moving Image Museum - Dubai
  Erkki Huhtamo The Projection Box Never Seen Books & Curious
  Robertson and the Phantasmagoria Museo del Precinema Collezione Minici Zotti The Glass Armonica
Pre-Cinemahistory De Luikerwaal Collection François Binetruy

El Pre-Cinema

The Randall-Salter Collection Toy Shop François Binetruy

Bill Douglas Centre

Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino Japanese Magic Lanterns & Slides

Magic Mirror of Life

Museu del Cinema Girona Emile Reynaud
  Philosophical Toys Georg Eastman Füsslin Verlag
  Richard Balzer Collection American Lantern Shows Charles Barten Toverlantaarnschool (Daan Budingh)
  Antique Toys and Games (specialized dealer)  Flip Books Illuminago
  Pre-Cinema related Pre-Cinema related Chronophotography
  Cabinet of Physics Helsinki Panoramapainting Figure drawings animation
  Hauchs Physiske Cabinets Panoramic photographs Digischool
  Stephen Herbert Lanterna Magica Edizioni (Photobooks)  
  Projecteurs et Vues d' Avant Guerre The Shadow Theater of Anaphoria  
  19th. Century Photography 19th. Century Photography Identification / Care / Conservation
  Daguerreobase Early photography, Leiden National Portrait gallery
  American Museum of Photography Southworth & Hawes pH7 Photo Conservation
  Daguerreian Society Photos and their care
  The Burns Archive Qatar Museums Authority Antiq-Photo
Photomuseum Charleroi Ken & Jenny Jacobson Talas
  Photomuseum Antwerp Twin Palms Publishers E.C for Preservation & access
  Fox Talbot Museum Camera Lucida
  Mathew Brady Paul Frecker
  Nicéphore Niépce Vintage Photography (A. Trier Mørch)   
  George Eastman Photo collections Stereographica auction  
  British Photographic History Photomuseum in Osby 20th. Century Photography
  Editions Astarté Jeffrey Kraus Photographic Antiques Anamorfose
  Les Larmes d' Eros HRC Photography Quinn Jacobson
  Tallulahs Vintage Erotica Antiq Photo Dr. Dave Dimensional Photography
  Lee Gallery Sakura-do Michel Dusariez 360 3-D Gonzalez Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud's Autochromes Afterimage
  Alinari: The world's oldest photo archive Photo-Experts Contemporary Daguerreotypes
  Daguerreotypes Stereophotography Post-Mortem & Medical
  Daguerrean Society Stereo Diableries Morbid Anatomy
  Daguerreotypes at Harvard Portuguese Stereoscopy Death
  Library of Congress Hugo De Wijs 3-D Virginia
  At Ease Early stereoviews  
  Denis Waters Fine Daguerreotypes Jenny & Ray Norman World of Steroviews Spirit Photography / Fantastic Arts
    The Fantastic in Arts, Cornell University
    The Haunted Museum
  Film Technology & History Film Technology & History Film Technology & History
  Who's Who of Victorian Cinema Domitor National Film Preservation Foundation
  UCLA Film & Television Archive Cinematek F.I.A.F.
  Elements of Screenology Early Lobster
  Cinémathèque Française Technology timeline Moving Image Archive
  Cinéteca Bologna Filmformaten High Voltage Special Effects for TV, Film & Theatre
  Il Cinema Ritrovato Exeter Press Le Giornate del Cinema Muto
  History of Television Other Media Prestidigitation & Illusions
  The MZTV Museum of Television Grand Illusions Richard Gregory
  Television History The Alchemy Web Site Conjuring Lights
  Mechanical Television Links Optical Illusions by Michael Bach
  History of Television Optical Illusion Pictures
  Paul Nipkow   Juggling History  
  Earliest Television recordings books
  Father of Television   David Copperfield
  James Hawes on Early Television   Zauberer Schweiz
  Science Physique Amusante  Fairground, Circus & Vaudeville
  Art et Metiers Paris Illusions Musée des Art Forains - Pavillons de Bercy
  History of Science Florence Optical Illusions by Michael Bach National Fairground Archive
  Fondazione Scienza E Tecnica Art of Anamorphosis The Fairground Society
Museum for the History of Science, U-Ghent Virdi - Anamorphosis artist The Fairground Society of Great-Britain
  Centre for History of Science U-Ghent Automata

Fairground Heritage Trust

  Museum of the History of Science, Oxford Cabinet of physics, Helsinki Fair Organ Preservation Society
  The Gemmary Hauchs Physiske Cabinets, Denmark Fairs are Fun
  Scientific Instrument Commission Circus Museum (8000 circus posters online)
  Smithsonian, Instruments for science Schaubuden - Stefan Nagel
  The Cathode Ray Tube site   Sideshow World
  Geissler tubes Danse of Death / Danse Macabre Van Speelklok tot Pierement
  Museo Universitario Europäische Totentanz-Vereinigung Souillac Musée de l' Automate
  Antique Lightbulb La Danse Macabre La Cite de l' Automate
  Mount Vernon Incandescent light Medieval Macabre Les Saltimbanques du Paradis (Gilbert l' Automate)
  International Association for Media and History Guyot Marchant American Variety Stage
  Instruments for Natural Philosophy Danse Macabre / hommes & des Femmes Au Lapin Agile
  Wisconsin & Michigan Science links The Fantastic in Art & Fiction American Vaudeville Museum
  Weston Electrical Instruments Den gamle danske DØDEDANS Mechanical Organ Museum Haarlem
  Phrenology La danse Macabre, Paris Wilson Family History
  HP Calculators Special Collections Circus archive
  Universeum Men's Danse Macabre Show History
  More Scientific links Women Danse Macabre Cirque Bouffon
  Antiquus (Replicas of antique instruments) Death Theatro de Automatas
  Hemisferium (Replicas of antique instruments)   Union International de la Marionette
      Fairground performers
    Cabaret Women
  Children Books Physical Culture / Pictorial History
  Early Comic Archive Todd-Mc-Lean Physical Culture Collection
  Toy Museum Mechelen   Eugen Sandow
      Strongmen in the 19th Century
  Other Web Sites Apollon (Louis Uni) PDF file
  OTTO & OTTO Curiosa



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