Collecting Photo Ephemera

Goto pre-cinema ephemera

Manual of
Le Scénographe par Le Docteur Candèze (1874)

Collecting Photo Ephemera

Collecting is important, collecting ephemera is perhaps even more important. The ephemera items are able to unveil the secrets and stories behind our precious items.

On the right we see an original manual for the
Scénographe, one of the first folding camera's and invented (1874) by the Belgian Ernest Candèze. (1827-1898) A real "appareil photographique de poche"

Charles August Ernest Candèze was a medical doctor, zoölogist, botanist and an entomologist.
He was also one of the foundermembers of the
Association Belge de Photographie.

In 1882 Candèze became the first Belgian who experimented with photographs taken from a string guided balloon.

The Scénographe is a camera designed for dry collodion plates, 11cm. x 16 cm.

On the title page we read the advantages of this early portable folding camera:
LE SCENOGRAPHE: APPAREIL PHOTOGRAPHIQUE DE POCHE. Pour prendre des vues format album, des vues stereoscopique, des portraits, des reproductions d 'objects quelconques, chez soi, ou en promenade et en voyage.
Par Le Docteur Candèze, 1874.


Scénographe © Matthew R. Isenburg Collection

The Scénographe is a rare camera collectable, especially for the Belgian collector.

On the left we see a rare Scénographe from the Matthew R. Isenburg Collection in the USA

The Scénographe is a folding camera with a weight of only 400 gram.
For this reason he was very popular for landscape photography because easy to travel with in comparison to many other more cumbersome dry plate camera's



Back of Carte-de-Visite photographe by François Willème
inventor of the Photosculpture in 1859-1860
  Collection Henri Koilski

One of the most intriguing curiosities in photography is the three dimensional photosculpture.
According to Willème, the photosculpture is a "mechanical sculpture" or form of photographically derived sculpture with only minimal need for handwork. (see Sobiesziek)

According to Sobiesziek's article (and Willème), the process was simply an outgrowth of the idea that the sum of profiles equals the whole volumetric figure.

Read more about the




The Ensign Handbook of Photography

The Ensign Handbook of Photography (1913) is not only precious due to it's cover, it also serves as a general photo manual for the amateur photographer.
Obviously, the largest part is the catalogue with a huge choice of camera's, tripods, lenses, enlargers, dark-room lamps, printing frames, photo literature, photo albums, etc. etc...

Thanks to the detailed steel engravings inside, this and many other printed sources serve as an aid to identify and date camera and projection equipment.
Publications like this where promoting photography by amateurs.
"The Simplicity of Photography, a foreword showing how easy it is to make good pictures"

Hence this title, the forword illustrate the popularity of photography in the beginning of the 20th. Century. This popularisation started at the end of the 19th. Century when KODAK introduced the
No.1 Kodak with the slogan: You Press the Button, We do the Rest.

The same is true for the cinematograph: The Ensign Daylight Loading Cinematograph Camera. According to the catalogue description, "This camera brings within the reach of everyone the possibility of making moving pictures"



Internationale Photographische
Ausstellung Dresden 1909

Vignettes - Postcards - Bookplates - Chromo's

Trieder - Binocles Photo - Apparate

Collecting vignettes, postcards, bookplates, chromo's, etc. is endless. On the right an attractive Goerz advertisment is seen announcing binoculars & camera's.

Left, a more rare vignette remembers an early photo exhibition.

Internationale photographische Ausstellung Dresden 1909.
This exhibition was organised "Untern dem allerhöchsten Protektorat seiner Majestät des Königs Friedrich August von Sachsen"
One of the leading organisers of the exhibition was
Emanuel Goldberg (1881-1970)

Below left, a nicely designed Ex-Libris or bookplate is seen, library of G. Servaes.

Bookplate of G. Servaes


Bookplate of G. Servaes


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