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Early Popular Visual Culture

Routledge - Taylor & Francis

Early Popular Visual Culture (EPVC) formerly 'Living Pictures', is a peer-reviewed, academic journal dedicated to stimulating research and interdisciplinary studies in relation to all forms of popular visual culture before 1930.

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Vol 12 Issue 1 - February 2014

John Vanderlyn's view on Versailles
Vol 12 Issue 2 - May 2014

The Valentine has fallen upon evil day's
Vol 12 Issue 3 - August 2014

Harlequin Highlander
Vol 12 Issue 4 - November 2014

Vol 11 Issue 1 - February 2013

Eadweard Muybridge Issue
Vol 11 Issue 2 - May 2013

Cinema's Second Birth
Vol 11 Issue 3 - August 2013

Music Hall to Movies
Vol 11 Issue 4 - November 2013

Death Photography in Turkey
Vol 10 Issue 1 - February 2012

Victorian science and popular visual culture
Vol 10 Issue 2 - May 2012

From spirit photography to early cinema
Vol 10 Issue 3 - August 2012

The Birth of a Nation's American tragic hero
Vol 10 Issue 4 - November 2012

Silent film intertitles in exhibition and discourse
Vol 9 Issue 1 - February 2011

The mirror as a proto-cinematic device
Vol 9 Issue 2 - May 2011

World's Fairs and International Exhibitions
Vol 9 Issue 3 - August 2011

The Stereoscope and the Miniature
Vol 9 Issue 4 - November 2011

Colonialism and display

Vol 8 Issue 1 - February 2010:

Intermediality in Early Silent Cinema
Vol 8 Issue 2 - May 2010:

Robert Houdin goes to Algeria
Vol 8 Issue 3 - August 2010:

Chaplin and the body of modernity
Vol 8 Issue 4 - November 2010:

What is an exhibition culture?
Increased from 3 to 4 numbers/year since 2010.
Vol 7 Issue 1 - April 2009:

Cross-cutting in the face of history
Vol 7 Issue 2 - July 2009:

Tillie's punctured legacy
Vol 7 Issue 3 - November 2009:

The anatomy of the early republic
Vol 6 Issue 1 - April 2008:

Media as modern Magic
Vol 6 Issue 2 - July 2008:

Collection and Recollection
Vol 6 Issue 3 - November 2008:

Penetrating the peristrephic
Vol 5 Issue 1 - April 2007:

Functions of Showmanship in Freakshow & Early Film
Vol 5 Issue 2 - July 2007:

The Magic Sene in Britain in 1905
Vol 5 Issue 3 - November 2007:

Popular Visual Culture in Ireland

Vol 4 Issue 1 - April 2006 / Special Issue

Magician as Conjuror: Analysis of Victorian Mediums

Vol 4 Issue 2 - July 2006 / Special Issue

Exhibition and Performance
Vol 4 Issue 3 - November 2006:

Traditions of Collecting and Remembering

The Editors of Early Popular Visual Culture welcome articles which examine the use and exploitation of popular cultural forms within the fields of entertainment, education, science, advertising and the domestic environment before 1930.

Vol 3 - Issue 1 - May 2005

The heaviest girl in the world
Vol 3 Issue 2 - September 2005

Vice and immorality in popular Victorian Britain
Early Popular Visual Culture
Early Popular Visual Culture

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See also Routledge's Encyclopaedic 3 volume sets by Stephen Herbert on Pre-Cinema & Early Film & Television and Routledge's Encyclopedia of Early Cinema

SAGE Publications - Academic Journals Related to Animation, Visual Culture & Communication
SAGE Publications announced in July 2006 vol. 1 No. 1 of 'Animation: An interdisciplinary Journal'. According to the editor of Animation, Suzanne Buchan, this new academic journal "...will provide a resource for all interested in animation-related forms of visual culture, ranging from advertising and digital filmmaking to architectural design programmes and scientific visualization tools ...

... Through its editorial aims, it addresses and includes all animation made using all known (and perhaps yet to be revealed) techniques since the late 18th century up to the digital shift and beyond, reveals its implications on other forms of time-based media expression - past, present and future - and illuminates how these affect our lives

The first issue of 'Animation: An interdisciplinary Journal' featuers articles by J. P. Telotte 'Ub Iwerks' (Multi)Plain Cinema' - Lev Manovich 'Image Future' - Thomas Lamarre 'Platonic Sex: Perversion and Shôjo Anime' - Joon-Yang Kim 'Critique of the New Historical Landscape of South Korean Animation' - Scott Bukatman 'Comics and the Critique of Chronophotography, or ‘He Never Knew When It Was Coming!’ - Dennis Dollens 'The Cathedral Is Alive: Animating Biomimetic Architecture' and also includes 3 book reviews such as 'Out of the Inkwell: Max Fleischer and the Animation Revolution' by Gordan Calma to mention one of the three.
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.Animation: An interdisciplinary Journal    
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Two other visual culture related SAGE publications recently began their fifth volume: 'Visual Communication' & 'Journal of Visual Culture'. Further information on the latter two journals and Animation can be found by following the links on the covers of the respective publications. The 'Click to search articles in this journal' links will enable the visitors of the SAGE publications website to browse the various articles in the past issues. The above and other journals are available, in both a printed and/or online subscription, from the publisher.

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Early Popular Visual Culture
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