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Dear Vintage Visual Media enthusiasts,

The aim of this page is mainly to inquire and or identify unknown or less known items in the collecting fields of pre-cinema, photography and related subjects and tracing more information on these less researched subjects. The latest additions will be found on top of the page.
Visitors are asked to supply me with additional information concerning illustrations on this page.

- Some intriguing Carte-de-Visite photographs depicting time-differences by the aid clocks -
comparative timetables
- Used to calculate the appropriate local time differences based on the true position of the sun -
- On the left, Belgium, showing time difference in various Belgian city's when 12:00 in Brussels -
- On the right, the World, showing time difference in various capital city's when 12:00 in Paris -
Clocks by A. Bertrand, watchmaker in Namur, Belgique

Click on Clocks for enlarged views
comparative time tables

BELGIQUE: Heure exacte de ses principales villes,
Lorsqu' il est midi juste a Bruxelles.
A Walk Through Time
MONDE: Heure exacte de ses principales villes,
Lorsqu' il est midi juste a Paris
Click on Clocks for enlarged view
.Gilles Phot.
Click on Clocks for enlarged view
Gilles Phot..

The clocks on the Carte-de-Visite photographs depict the Apparent Solar Time, based on the Mean Sun, in the respective cities in Belgium/world.

The local solar time was used in Flanders till 1891, this means that local time in different cities was applied, even for train tables the true local solar time was being used since 1836. On the fifth of may 1835 the first Belgian train, 'De Olifant / The Elephant', drove between Mechelen en Brussels.

However, under pressure of the Belgian railways, the standard time for Belgium was set and used from 1892. Before the latter date comparative time tables such as seen above where used to calculate the appropriate local time differences based on the true position of the sun. Click on photographs to see a larger image of the respective comparative time table photocard. Click here to see some improved views of the Albumine prints only, resp. Belgium & Monde.

These tiny clocks on the
comparative timetables (0,45 inch or 11,5 mm) are extreamely detailed when enlarged.

Woman looking through window F. Herman, A.B.P. 1917


anonymous / Fishing boat run ashore.

n Press photographs by Agence M. Rol
The image on the right depicts the athlete Bérard winning "la course du bol d' eau" in the Velodrome Buffalo during the "Fête des Caf' Conc" This photograph is part of a series of press images made by M. Rol,
Paris. 4 Rue Richer 25 August 1913

Photographs of sport events were very popular in the beginning of the twentieth Century. Probably the most famous vintage sport images are made by Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894 - 1986) in his childhood.
Photo-icons by Lartigue depict the dawn of aviation and rise of motorcar racing as known from the A.C.F., Automobile Club de France.

Less famous but equally informative are the photographs by M. Rol depicting unusual sports, physical culture and intriguing images of vintage motorcar races and early aviation, often taken at the same spot where Lartigue was active.


Bérard Gagne "La course du Bol d' eau".
For more sport related subjects, by Professor Desbonnet (and others),
see the subsequent links on visual media:

Physical Culture Men
Physical Culture Women
- Fairground Preformers

Two pages depict images of these two latter subjects by M. Rol.
On this research page however, I illustrate a few other subjects in this series of Rol images'. Above "la course du bol d' eau" and further two more scientific subjects depicting rat species in the laboratory of Pasteur. 6 November 1913

In comparison to drawings, sketches, engravings; scientific photography became
a more "reliable" illustration technique to clarify research. Obviously, these two
images have no scientific ambition due to their popularization for press purposes.

The depicted Pasteur laboratory press photographs are taken on the occasion of the:
"25 Anniversaire de l' Institut Pasteur" sic. November 1913
Photo M. Rol, Paris. 4 Rue Richer.

- Right: Bocaux contenant des rat servant aux experiennes. sic.

- Under: Bocaux contenant des cochons d' Inde pour les experiennes. sic.

cochons d' Inde

Scientific Photography and subjects.

des rat

Information about M. Rol photographs, early sport and vintage Scientific photography is very welcome
More daily press themes are found in the other subjects of this Rol series, a visit of Poincare in the "Collège d' Athlètes", Milton Henry winning a race with his horse "Nimbus", a train disaster in Melun, a gaz explosion in Paris' Batignolles, etc. The three images on this page together with the motercar and aviation pictures are my favorites of these time windows.
No matter what subject, vintage press photography is a major genre and a historically important part within the history of photography.

Visit also scientific stereo photographs by A. Neyt to visualize Joseph Plateau's experiments with the "formation of Laminar Films"

n The illusory world of the hand painted photo backdrop
Mouve mouse over backdrops and see...

Your webmaster in a romantic place

Painted photo backdrops were very popular in the 19th. and beginning of the 20th. Century. These illusory scenes are frequently spotted in late daguerreotypes, carte-de-visite and cabinet photographs. Historical information and research however about these "paintings" and "painting technique" seems difficult to trace. Combined with the backdrop, the early photostudio's were also equiped with a set of props, such as chairs, tables, toys,etc.

James Wyman, director of the Kennedy Museum and curator of the exhibition "From the Background to the Foreground" is one of the few researchers into this less investigated field of photohistory.

All information about vintage hand painted decorative photo studio backdrops with garden scenes, landscapes, etc. used during the 19th. Century and first decade of the 20th. Century is mostly welcome. I'm looking for information in books, magazines and web sites, both text & reproductions. Also references to early vintage background collections will be of interest.

n Edouard Hannon 
(1853-1931) A less known early Belgian Pictorial photographer

Since there is very few information to find, in literature, about Edouard Hannon's pictorial photographs, I hope to find more information with the aid of visitors to this page. To my knowledge, no major bibliographical publications depicting this genre in Hannon's photography are published so far?
I would be very thankful to receive more jpg images, depicting pictorial work by Hannon and bibliographical + historical information. (See Hannon's biography)

This image,
SUNBEAMS, (1897) by E. Hannon (1853-1931) is one of the few Hannon pictorial works known. in comparison to his more frequently researched and published travel photographs.
On the left his monogram is shown, detail of the image below. Bromide print

The only temporary reference about the photograph "SONNENSTRAHLEN" (SUNBEAMS) is traced in the German Magazine "Photographische Rundschau" 1897 Heft 1
To my knowledge, the only recent historical information about this image and Hannon's pictorial work in general is published in John Wood's excellent "
The photographic arts" 1997.
See chapter: "
Masters of European Pictorialism and the Problem of Alfred Stieglitz" (page 58 - 68)
University of Iowa Press, ISBN: 0-87745-573-2

Until know, I was unable to trace a copy of The
Musee Horta, 1977, exhibition catalogue entitled "Edouard Hannon, photos de 1900"
Due to some reflection in the glass, the reproduction is poor. Size of photograph: 49,5 cm. x 38 cm. ( 19.5" x 15")

In the collection of the Photomuseum in Antwerp
(Belgium), a pictorialistic portrait by Hannon "Coppelia" is known in the same Bromide print technique.

This image, ca. 1895, is signed with the same red monogram as seen on the slightly earlier sunbeams.

In comparison to the internationally better known Belgian pictorialist, Léonard Missonne
(1870-1943), Hannon's pictorial work is less sophisticated and therefore perhaps more interesting.

I would welcome any additional information about
Hannon, a less known early Belgian pictorial photographer. Please e-mail all information to:

Edouard Hannon "Sunbeams" (1897) "SONNENSTRAHLEN" Exposure in Brussels.




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