Favourite Stereo Photographs
Daguerreotype, Albumin, Cyanotypes and other techniques


On this page I will show some of my favourite stereo images displaying various subjects. Only because they are beautiful, intriguing, unusual, rare or a combination of these. The second image, showing all four aspects, is unusual due to it's shape, size and black metal frame on the back (move mouse over) This small sized stereo (5.10" x 2.3") was probably designed for a specific type of stereoviewer, unknown to me? I would welcome any identification of the associated viewer and more information on the images. (13 cm. x 5,8cm.)

Move mouse over to see this daguerreotype digitally restored by Brian May

Seated woman - cleaned
A wonderful hand colored stereo daguerreotype of a woman with jewelery and crinoline petticoat
possibly by Alexis Gouin

This early Victorian stereo-tissue shows wonderfull coloring when viewed with back-lighting









Playing Photographer

Dog Smoking a Pipe
Théatre de l' Ambigu, Paris - 'La Legende de l' Homme Sans Tête'


Victorian Scene

Click to see these women with a Salon Stereoscope
Two Women (Click photo to see these women with a Salon Stereoscope)
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glass stereo-slides showing turn of the Century Gent - Belgium



Waasland, Belgium (Cyanotype)



Waasland, Belgium (Cyanotype)



Dubois de Nehaut taking photographical reproductions of Flemish paintings



Early Belgian view



Early Belgian view



Early Belgian view



Train station Beerevelde, Belgium


  Sawmill in Beveren, Waasland, Belgium  
Views from Gent - Belgium
Belgium - Views from Gent.

Korenmarkt Gent, Belgium (phot. Charles D'hoy) Ca.1860
See the most beautiful early colour photograph of Ghent, an autochrome in the Collection of Florent Van Hoof
Gand - 'Vieux quai aux bois' - Ca.1900 - Gent
Gand - Ca.1900 - Gent
Gand - 'Pont et Rue Du Pain Perdu' - 1897 (J.C) - Verloren Kost - Gent
Estaminet 'In Den Karpel'
Gand - 'Rue du Pain Perdu' - 1898 - Verloren Kost - Gent
Estaminet 'In Den Karpel' demolished


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