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The kennel

In 1978 we bought our first labrador, Tessa, as a pet. Very quickly a second labrador came into the family, Dellas.These two dogs are the reason that we got more interested in that particular breed. We learned that a labrador is more than just a pet, but is also a hard worker that loves to retrieve.

In 1990 we searched for a new dog, a nice and good working labrador. So Osmine of Lucifers Delight (Sara) became part of the family. This dog fulfiled all expectations. With the help of her breeders, Jef and Mariette Verrees, she earned her first showresults. Fons Exelmans learned us the basics of retrieverwork. Because of Sara’s enthusiasm the idea came to take another dog. But why search for a new dog when we already had a nice dog with a lot of will to please.That’s the day that “Thornproof Labradors”

came to life, with the purpose to breed a kind, good working labrador with a nice character.

Through the years, Sara and her offspring gave birth to a few show-champions and two ‘Thornproof’ dogs who became Fiel Trial Champion. Several others have a Field Trial qualification and are still active as picking-up dogs.

During autumn and winter we often go out with the dogs to enjoy as many hunting days as we can, because for a labrador working together with his master still is the top.