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  3 Pups born 22 March 2011          


3 healthy pups are born in the evening of 22 March, of few days earlier then expected : 1 dog 340 gr., 2 bitches 320 and 380 gr.

Fay and the pups are very well !



echo dd 18.02.11


Dalmore of Gilead                            & Faydra Thornproof ex Duria



HD : A2, ED : clear, PRA Optigen : clear,

Myophatie : clear, EIC : clear


To have offspring of Fay, I'm planning a litter with her in spring 2011.

After some searching, I have found the appropriate partner for Fay: Mitch is a pleasant dog with a wonderfull character. We also noticed the necessary working quality's, he participated in different working tests, fieldtrials and also has many practice in hunting.


You can find more info on Mitch on : www.maxwoods.de