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F-4F Phantom II "38+48"

Phinal landing of "My 38+48" at Jever for being scrapped (05 June 2013)

F-4F Phantom II "38+48"

"My 38+48" at the Phantom Phly-out of JG-71, Wittmund (28 June 2013)

Czech Models

Professional models famous from internet (Hegre-Art, Watch 4 Beauty, ...)

Plastic Modelling

As an aviation fanatic, I do also plastic kits as hobby

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Aviation & soft-erotic photography
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F-4 Phantom II

The F-4 Phantom II is a military aircraft of the 1970's and 80's which has become my most favorite one for more than 20 years.

Czech Models

From time to time I do photoshoot with Czech Models, who come over to The Netherlands.


If asked by a model who needs photos, I do a semi-professional shoot at my home or on location.


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This site contains nudity only viewed for person above 18-years-old.

Latest updates


2013-10-28 Suzie Carina (CZ)

2013-10-22 Renewed website



I'll update the website with more photos the next few days of October



Since the digital age of photography early 2000, my interest and possibilities for photography boomed.


Since the age of 12, I've been interested in military aircraft.  After my first airshow visit in 1986 (Kleine Brogel), I've been travelling more and further to see airshows.  For me, aircraft of the 70's are the most beautiful (F-4, Buccaneer, Lightning, Hunter, Mirage, ...).
RIAT Fairford (UK) is the best and biggest airshow in Europe. But also Spotterdays in UK, Germany, France are excellent as there is only a limited persons allowed.

F-4 Phantom II:

A got passioned by the F-4 Phantom II, famous for it's black smoke trails and distinctive wing-shape.
On June 28, 2013 an end of 40-years F-4F came to an end when JagdGeschwader 71 "Righthofen" (WIttmund, Germany) switched to the Eurofighter.  But I really enjoyed the excellent plane-spotting, Spotterdays and the big "Phantom Pharewell" organisations.  I was also one the the 71 Lucky Spotters to photograph the public presentation of 37+01 "First in, Last out".  And more lucky to visit the Phinal Landing at Jever.

Czech Models:

By accident, I got in contact with Czech Model Agency.  Here famous models come over to The Netherlands and travel from studio to studio where photographers can make pictures of them.


Before Czech Models, I did some semi-professional shoots at my home or outdoors for models who wanted some nice photos of themselves.


As my passion for aviation, I can't without creating the real aircraft in smaller plastic scale models.
1/72 scale is nice for collecting, 1/48 gives more detail and nicer views.  Big 1/32 are impressive and super-detailed.
Recents years, I got more and more professional with airbrushing, extra detail sets, ... to have more quality than quantity.

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There are good amateurs ...

... and there are bad professionals.