The massive and 3.5kg heavy acryl-turntable is built in an additional second plane. The sub chassis combines harmonic shapes with the integrated acryl-turntable, 3 massive racks and the tone-arm. An inky black paint, 7 coated, and the matted acryl- and aluminium surfaces give the record player a stylish appearance.


We have integrated a high-precision and excellently working motor produced by Premotec in one of the 3 racks of the sub chassis. The acryl turntable works with a flat belt. By a precise and high-quality bearing you get a high mobility of the acryl turntable that guarantees a high synchronism.

You start up the TOAC TT-5 with a pressure switch in the front part of the base plate. Manually adjustable are 2 speeds, 45 rpm for singles and 33 1/3 rpm for LPs.

The adjustment of the pitch is done by a potentiometer.


Our TT-5 is fitted with a moderately heavy aluminium 9”  tone-arm together with a half inch pick-up for the record. The tracking force of the pick-up can be varied by the counterweight of the tone-arm. An anti-skating system controls the skating power adjusted medial.


Gold-plated cinch-connectors and the connecting for the ground are on the back. A slip-mat of felt combined with a clamp provides for an optimal contact.


Extent of delivery: Stabilized power supply, User manual, Strobe disc, Force gauge,Record brush, Single-Puk, Mounting accessories

Price: 1.095,00€ incl. V.A.T. with Ortofon M2 red Pick-Up

Price: 995,00€ incl. V.A.T. without Pick-Up