MACE 2006 - Vienna

May 12-14, 2006

Pictures by Tom Alderweireldt
with congratulations to the organisers for a very enjoyable meeting

University observatory rooftop view over Vienna.

Hundertwasser house
St.Stephan's Cathedral
Walking by Urania observatory
Arrival at Kuffner
The Kuffner 13cm Meridian Circle

The Kuffner Sternwarte
During the break
Glimpsing Saturn in daylight
MACE participants during the break
Tom Alderweireldt and Armin Falkl

University Observatory visit
Up to the dome
The Great 68 cm Refractor
On the moving floor
Checking the front cover

Raoul Behrend on photometry
Herbert Raab & the Kuffner team
At the Heurigen 10er Marie
Saturday evening
Last talks at Pension Moser

Sunday tour of Kuffner
Jan Manek
The 13 cm Meridian Circle
A close-up
Andreas Kn÷fel and Edwin Goffin
The 8 cm Vertical Circle

The 27cm Kuffner Refractor
with Astrograph
Aldo Vitagliano, Richard Miles, Jan Manek, Edwin Goffin & others
The Heliometer building
Up to the dome

The 22cm Heliometer
A close-up of the lens
Richard Miles on Photometry
The Natural History Museum
with impressive meteorite collection
Monique at Schonbrunn
a last visit before returning home

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