Gallery 1: My Youth


How the hell does one start with weightlifting?

As a small child I watched my dad

Snatch Richard Goegebuer. My Dad a long time ago

And I still do. He became my trainer, coach and .. trainingpartner!

 Snatch- Richard Goegebuer. My Dad , not so long ago


Do you think I always wanted to be a weightlifter?

Tom Goegebuer, three years old

Me 4 years old: 
'I want to be like my dad...'

Tom Goegebuer - 4 years

'... so I must also learn this ...'

Me, 5 years old:
'I'm gonna be a real weigtlifter'
Tom Goegebuer: first snatch

'Nobody has to know those weights are fake'
Tom Goegebuer: first Jerk


Me, 10 years old: 
' I mean it, don't come near!':
 Tom Goegebuer- 10 years old and serious


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