Gallery 2: Lifting Action, part 1


Youth competition: 12-16 years

For years people  have been telling me that I should put on weight. 
When I tell them that I did, they look at me in unbelieve.. 
Watch and notice how small my bodyweight always was.

The real start of my weightlifting career. After three months of training I took part in my first competiton  (21 november 1987). 
I was very smal, my bodyweight was only 31.7 kg, and I snatched 30 kg and jerked 37.5 kg.

My second competition, bw. 32.5 kg, 32.5 snatch , 40 kg Jerk


At 14 years old ,after two years of training  ( november 1989),  my bodyweight still was only 41.4 kg but my muscles were getting huge ;-).
I snatched 45 kg and jerked 62.5 kg.

16 years old now, november 1991,my bodyweight  reached an unbelievable 49.9 kg.
Snatch 70 kg, jerk 87.5 kg.

Junior: 16-21 years

As a junior I start to lift often in international tournaments like "Kalikristall" in Germany, 
"Silver Dragon" in Cardiff, "Nations tournament" in Brengenz (Austria), European union 
championshipsbut also in two European junior Championships (Valencia 1993, Rome 1994). 

 I won the national championships 1992 in the class -52 kg with 75 snatch and 90 jerk.

In december 1993, bodyweight 53.7 kg, I took a bronze medal in the Nations tournament in Bregenz (Austria) with  87.5 kg snatch and 115 kg jerk.


Still as a junior, in 1995, I snatched  98 kg and jerked 125kg in the class -59 kg


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