Gallery 3: My lifting friends: Part 1

One of the best things of my weightlifting career are the great memories of my (international) competitions. I learned to know many 'brothers and sisters' in our weightlifting family.

I was so lucky to start in the period that female weightlifting was coming up strong. For those who think that female lifters are never feminine, watch my pictures.

Of course not all my friends are on this page, it is just a selection of my pictures.


I discovered a Russian World Champion to be. 

1994 European Junior Championships in Rome:
I met Albina Khomitch who became World Champion 2001 in  + 75 kg. 












My dear Finish friends

Kari Kinnunen, more than a friend. My home 1998.

Kari and me toasting on our friendship after a Finish  sauna.

Jyrki,me, Kari and Jarko. The brothers Jyrki and Jarko Welling are both enemies on the platform but friends besides.

One of my dearest friends, Kaisa (-48) from Finland.

  Kaisa and Kari in Greece, Athens (WC 1999)

Trip to Euro Disney at the occasion of the European Union Championships in Paris 
The Polish guestteam (M. Wawak, A. Wrobel, B. Prei, D. Misterska, A. Klejnowska,),
the French (S& A Matam, S. Dinouar, S. Richard,...) 
and my training partner Luc Lammens.   


The congenial female Polish team

World Champion 2001 -58 kg: 
A. Klejnowska 
Aleksandra can also look sweet 
World Champion Snatch 2001 -58 kg: 
Marieta Gotfryd  

Marieta with the typical Polish headgear

European bronze medal 2001:
Dominika Misterska
Dominika on a training camp in Finland

Me and Dominika in Antalya (WC 2001)  
On the background Nam Suleymanoglu.
Suddenly I didn't feel so strong anymore, next to Agata Wrobel and Aleksandra Klejnowska. 
Agata Wrobel from Poland. 
World record breaker in the class +75 kg. 

She jerked more than 160 kg!

Have you ever seen a women weighing 115 kg with little body fat?
Pretty impressive not?

My trip to Poland

This certainly is a trip which is written in my mind for ever. 
Dzięki bardzo Marta, Ola i Domi! 

Aleksandra, Dominika, Marta (taking the picture) and me walking in  Łdz.

Be careful when Dominika looks you in the eyes... 
You can only say ' Tak , Domi..' ;-) 

Training in Legnica. 

Always motivating to train with Domi :-)


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