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Gallery 4: Lifting friends 2

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Some of my friends from my home club Olympic Gent

My training partner and friend since 1989

Luc Lammens, training during our holiday in 
the Dominican Republic. 
(Since then he's also known as Loef). 


Loef the great warrior!

A former discus thrower and my most recent training partner Steve Folens, 
also known as 'Steffie.



My powerlifting friend Erwin


My Friend Jan; ex- boxer, ex-powerlifter


Me and the lifters from Holland .

My good friend Teresa and Joop in Antalya WC 2001

Teresa and I enjoying our time after the European Championships 2002 (Antalya)

I am the incredible Tominator

At first these Russian guys did not want to be my friend but they were afraid of me ;-) 
and I , the feared Tominator left them no other choice than to come with me on the picture.

Training and holiday at my place for Latvian friends

Eva and her brother Māris Andāns came to visit me in 2004 and we had good trainings and a very nice time.

Eva and Maris next to me and my father (&coach). 

On the backrow, Alain, Olav en Steve.

This pretty girl , Ewunia, made me float in the air ;-)

I needed a  barbell to keep my feet to the ground ;-).


My French team- ASPTT Lille
My French team from ASPTT Lille.

After many years of training and competition together and after competition parties we are good friends. 


Eric Chevallier, Sad Rasmi, Romain Maier, me, Eric Bonnel, Marjorie Hague and referee Demonsel.


Bieke Vandenabeele
My great girlfriend, Bieke Vandenabeele.
Bieke boblseighBieke&TomShe is actually an ex-top swimmer, now top bobsleigh braker.

And not to forget, a top girlfriend :-)!



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