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World Championships 2006 Report 

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Report and pictures

The Belgian Olympic Commitee organised a training camp for all sportsmen of the Belgian Olympic team in Sevilla from 6th till 13th of November. 
Around 50 athletes from Cycling, Judo, BMX, Athletics, Taekwondo, Thriatlon, Canoe, Rowing and weightlifting were present in the sunny south of Spain.

We all resided in the "residencia de deportistas de La Cartuja de Sevilla" at the watersportscentrum near the river Guadalquivir. It's very known for the superb accomodation for rowing and canoe.

After a rather cold and wet start we could enjoy a few days of nice sunny weather

The main goal of the training camp was to get to know each other and build some team spirit and I must say they succeeded well in their purpose.
It was very nice to meet other topsporters and the atmosphere was very good.
Some activies were organized besides the normal trainingsessions and we all got an Olympic outfit.

Philippe Rogge BOIC The Delegation leader, Philippe Rogge
Belgian Olympic team Sevilla Lahor Rudy (BOIC)

Jacques Catherine (Judo)

Eddy De Smedt (BOIC)
Belgian Olympic team Sevilla Schets Steve (cycling),
De Ketele Kenny (cycling),  
De Poortere Ingmar (cycling), and Kevin de Bont (Canoe)

Me and my father (coach & trainer)

The press was invited and the selectionlimits for the Olympics were presented.

Ofcourse the maingoal of  a training camp is serious training.

Nearly all sportevents are practicing the olympic weightlifting lifts as a training for explosive strength.

Most of my pictures are from athletics athletes cause they really do a lot of weightlifting but you can find other action pictures taken by a professional photographer on the website of the Belgian Olympic comitee:

Elodie Ouedrago
Elodie Ouedraogo (athletics, sprint) making cleans  
Eline BeringsEline Berings
Eline Berings (Athletics- Hurdles) making cleans and jumps
Frauke PenenFrauke Penen squat
 Frauke Penen (Ahtletics, sprint)
Hanna MarienVan Branteghem Hanna Marien (Athletics, sprint) and Cédric Van Branteghem ( Athletics, 200 m)
Elodie Frauke Elodie Ouedraogo and Frauke Penen (athletics, sprint)
Cédric Van Branteghem Cédric Van Branteghem ( Athletics, 200 m)


We also tried to canoe in their competition boats...

Here the two Physical Therapist, Tom Verhoeven at the side and Didier Florentz giving it a shot...
Although Olympic 4th, Bob Maesen held the boat, this is what happened to all of us
Yes, also to me :-)

But with a bigger, more stable boat we were more succesful

Some various shots: 

François  Gourmet (Decathlon), me and Kristof  Beyens (Athletics, 200m).

Laurence Raes
Rase Laurence, our Taekwondo hope for an Olympic Medal, trying to row.

Soon an olympic sport: water jumping...

Baeyens Julie (judo)

Libois François (rowing)

D'haene Wouter (canoe)

Kristof  Beyens (Athletics, 200m)

Hanna Marien (Athletics, sprint)



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