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European Championships 2003 Report 

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 Silver Dragon Tournament 2004


This is one of the oldest IWF-tournaments and already in 1991, 1992 and 1993 I competed wit a bronze medal as best result. 

This year
a Belgian team of 4 men and 1 lady competed .
We traveled by car (5 people in my car :-) and boat.  

Our results were much better than expected. We came back with 2 silver medals, 2 bronze and 1 4th place. Sarah De Coster also put new national records.We were helped a bit by the fact that some countries were absent because they couldn't get visa (Uzbekistan, Georgia, ...) but none of our athletes disappointed.  

Even without the missing countries there were still 10 countries present ((Iran, USA, Belgium, Ireland, Wales, Engeland, Pakistan, Schotland, Malta, Romania) with 15 female participants and 32 male.

The results of our team where
(* National Records):

Place B.W. SN JERK Tot. Sincl.
3 Sarah De Coster 52,5 Belgium 50,0 72,5* 122,5* 158,15
2 Tom Goegebuer 61,4 Belgium 115,0 142,5 257,5 369,07
3 Randall Vereecken 73,8 Belgium 90,0 105,0 195,0 246,12
3 Luc Lammens 81,0 Belgium 110,0 140,0 250,0 299,00


Olav De Nul







I'm satisfied with my silver medal but I kind of gave away the gold medal. The Romanian Olympian Jigua Adrian who finished 2nd in this years European Championships wasn't in top shape and snatched  117.5 kg. 
I opened with 115 kg, snatched it high but didn't block and missed. In 2nd it was no problem. With a bodyweight advantage a 120 kg snatch would have given me a 5kg lead. Again an easy snatch but same problem in catching the weight overhead. I ran with it but had to drop it in the end. 

When Jigua jerked 145 kg I knew I had to do 147.5. It is pretty much so early in the season but I had a lot of confidence cause 142.5 was light. I cleaned it amazingly easy. But I didn't finish it to the end. My usual mistake, jerking it slightly in front made the gold medal vanish. 
A shame but I was happy that I already had the strength to make 267.5 total in theory.

Full results   

I finished 6th in the overall ranking with 369 sinclair points. 
This years Silver Dragon Winner  was the Iranian
Ali Biglari Vansofla with 408 sinclair. 
The female winner was
Danica Rue from the USA with 240.9 sinclair points. 

A few months after I made this report the new came that the Silver Dragon winner Vansofla tested positive together with his compatriot  Alereza Shakeri (tenth in total). Parviz Nouralipur became the new winner and I became 5th! overall.


Danica Rue and her team mate Erin Okonek and Ali Biglari Vansofla (later suspended) with the Silver Dragon Trophee.

My 120 snatch attempt and 147.5 clean and jerk.

Sarah with her silver medal. 

At 7h45 am , just before the weigh-in of the first group (Sarah's group), there was a fire and we all had to leave the building. I had to wake to coach so if I had to wake than everybody ;-).

Me and my adversary Adrian Jigua from Romania:

Warm up room

When those girls 

(Erin -USA, Joanne (GBR), Sarah (Wales)) 

ask you to go out



you don't say no :-) 



but that's how you come home ;-)



(that was a joke folks , we are always very serious :-)




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