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European Championships 2005 Report 

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European Championships 2005:
Report and pictures

From  19th till 24th of April the 84th Men's European championships and 18th women's  competitions were organized in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Sofia, has a rather typical "communistic style", with rather depressing and dirty blocks of houses, damaged roads,... However , it is clear that they are doing a lot of effort and newer buildings are rising everywhere. 
Rather nice is the view on the snow-covered Vitosha mountains. 

Vitosha Mountain Sofia

Overall the organization of these European championships were much better than in 2000.  The Bulgarian federation had hired a professional company to take care of a few aspects of organization, which turned out to be positive with less waiting time for accreditation, ...  
The biggest minor point was the big distance between the two hotels, the training hall and the competition hall, which made the use of taxi's often necessary.  

Most of the competitions were quite interesting. The trend of the last 4 years with lower performance levels due to better doping control still continued but the density of the results was quite high, which made it rather difficult to predict the medals. 
Full results men women    

This was my 7th senior European championship and my 195th competition ever.  
In 2000 I also competed in Sofia at the European championships. At that time I was in a very good shape and started with 120 snatch but wasn't able to make a successful lift. After dropping 147.5 kg to soon in the jerk I went to 155 and missed twice. So I didn't make any successful lift. 

So you can imagine these Championships had a special meaning for me and I planned a revenge ...
Like last year I started in the A-group and those who watched Eurosport TV could follow my lifts.
I was in a good shape and totaled twice 277,5 kg in the previous months. My best ever result in a European or world championship was 270 total so I really wouldn't satisfy for less than 272.5 total. .    
I achieved my goals with 275 kg. I started with a successful 120 kg snatch. in the second attempt I pushed the barbell a little forward and had to run to hold it. Unfortunately I came a step short and still dropped it in the end. In the third attempt I was able to lift it.   
The jerk started well with a light 145 kg. Also the second attempt with 150 kg passed so I decided to go for a new total record of 280. The clean with 155 was high but I lost a bit my balance in the clean and couldn't bounce to get up. The struggle to come out of the squat position cost me so much energy that I couldn't jerk properly so I missed.  

My  total of 275 kg (60.7 kg, 402.55 Sinclair) brought me 6th place. Theoretically more was possible but this result was more than satisfying. 

My friend Keith, a weightlifting fan and amateur photographer took loads of splendid actions pictures. 
Visit also his webpage and enjoy over 1000 pics on http://www.ripsteel.org.uk !!
His pictures of me are on page 3.

 Enjoy also my pictures

Click on the pictures for a bigger version.

Competition pics

My 120 snatch attempt

120 Snatch European Championships Weightlifting 2005 Goegebuer Snatch European Championships Weightlifting 2005

 and 150 clean and jerk.

150 Jerk European Championships Weightlifting 2005

Am I huge or am I tiny....?
Tom Goegebuer & Mutlu Halil Victor Scerbatis from Latvia

The undisputed winner of my class, the triple Olympic Champion Mutlu Halil and the winner of the +105 kg Viktors Ščerbatihs.

Three days before competition Mutlu easily front squatted twice 190kg !   

The training hall Dianabad was the same as in 2000, but this time they had renovated everything so it looked a lot better:

Warm up room (This picture was taken by Ron and Mark)


The Universiada competition Hall was nice and when Bulgarians competed the Hall was filled and the atmosphere was great. 

Better be a nice boy when u are surrounded by three strong Polish girls ;-) 

From left to right,  Ufnal Magdalena, The Tominator, Nurkiewicz Anna and Kuras Eva. 

With a referee like the Czech Marcela, it can be sometimes hard to concentrate on your lifts ;-). 

On the left, former weightlifting champion David Morgan, now co-commentating for Eurosport. 

After the competitions  athletes need to relax and have fun...

From left to right:

Samson Matam (France 62), British coach & Dutch Team leader Anneke, Sarah Moore (UK, -75), Joanne Calvinno (UK, -53), David Morgan (UK) and me.

And if one  knows how to party, it is the all over known coach from the Netherlands, Dionisio Rozalina who could even make Valentina Popova (Russia, -75) "shake"  

Dionisio, Valentina and husband

showing that after hard training a little fun is good to reload the batteries....

Heidi Harju from Finland cleaning 95 kg.


Heidi, this time preparing the jerk. 

Me together with the Finish team. My friend Kari Kinnunen, coach Juhamatti Eskelinen, Toni Puurunen (-94 kg) and Antti Everi (+105kg). 

Picture was taken by the Finish referee Taisto Kuoppala.




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