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European Championships 2007 Report 

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European Championships 2007:
Report and pictures

From 15th till 22th the 86th  Men's European championships and 20th women's  competitions were organized in France.

Competitors, coaches  and officials were lodged in three hotels. The training hall, competition hall and the Hilton hotel were all at walking distance. The athletes residing in the other two nearby hotels got tram tickets.   

The frontside of the Hilton Hotel with a large advertisement for the Championships.

These were my 9th senior European championships.  

Other Belgian Sarah De Coster lifted in her first senior Championships on 17th.
She liftted in the -53 kg women and finished 15th. She snatched 60 kg (missed her record of 63 kg) and jerked 79 kg. The last clean with a new national record of 83 kg went fine but she missed the jerk.

Sarah De Coster Snatch  Sarah with her second attempt snatch of 60 kg You can find Sarah's report on her website.

Because of a rupture of my patella tendon in december I had to start my preparation in a less than ideal situation, having to avoid squat cleans till half of february and squatting lighter than normally. 
Anyway, I cathed up slowly and was in normal shape when leaving. As a top 5 was demanded by the Olympic committee and  BLOSO (my financial support also depends on them) I couldn't aim for less.

However the competition field turned out to be surprisingly strong. In terms of number of participants it was the second highest number ever with 146 male lifters and 98 female lifters. 
Since the sever doping controls the density of the results have been much higher in the last years, but this year topped all with tenth place lifters often just a few kilos away from the medals.
Full results can be found on official  website   

I lifted on 18th of April  and like last years I started in the A-group and those who watched Eurosport TV could follow my lifts.
I weighed in at 61.25 and looking at the B-group results with lifters totalling 278, 273, 272, 272  we already knew it was fairly inpossible to reach top 5. So we took no risk and began rather low wit an easy opener of 118kg snatch. Also the second lift with 122 kg was successful. As every kg was important in this competition we only asked 2 kg more for the last attempt. I caught the 124 kg quite high but couldn't fix it and lost backwards.    
I started the jerk with a normal 145 kg so we went for 150 kg to get in front of  4 B-group lifters. I cleaned it quite easily but was to eager to get up and lost my balance, ending up on my toes so I decided not to waist energy by trying to struggle up and dropped the weight. In the third attempt 150 kg went fairly well. 

In the snatch I ended 9th and 13th in the Jerk. Eventhough my total of 272 kg was my second best in a European championship it only brought me 11th place.  
Some facts to show the extreme density of the results:
6 kg more snatch (128 kg my national record) would have moved me up from 9th to 4th place in snatch.  
5 kg more jerk (155 kg my national record) would have given me 4th place in jerk instead of 13th. There was only 9 kg between the gold medal in jerk (159) and a 14th place of 150 kg! 
In order to have fulfilled the demand of the 5th place I should have broken my national record with 2.5 kg till 280 kg. It is obviuos that I have to fix higher goals (+280) for the World Championships if I want to be in the running for the Olympics...

I reached 395.49 Sinclair points, which placed me 80th on all 146 participants.


Place Name Born Nation Group B.Weight Snatch C. Jerk Result
 1   PETROSYAN Sergey 07-06-1988 RUS A 61.72 130 159 289
 2   MAKHVEYENIA Henadzy 10-12-1983 BLR A 61.71 134 154 288
 3   BILGIN Erol 20-02-1987 TUR A 61.78 128 158 286
 4   POPOV Vladimir 23-01-1977 MDA A 61.79 130 155 285
 5   FILEV Ivaylo 01-05-1987 BUL A 61.89 128 152 280
 6   MINASIDIS Dimitrios 29-04-1989 CYP B 61.50 124 154 278
 7   NDICKA Matam Samson 22-03-1976 FRA A 61.88 127 151 278
 8   STOYANOV Yasen 17-09-1984 BUL A 61.54 118 157 275
 9   SIRGHI Oleg 09-07-1987 MDA B 61.95 120 153 273
 10   HASANOV Sardar 12-05-1985 AZE A 61.09 126 147 273
 11   GOEGEBUER Tom 27-03-1975 BEL A 61.65 122 150 272
 12   MUCAHIT Yagci 02-05-1973 TUR B 61.25 120 152 272
 13   SULEYMANOV Zulfuqar 02-11-1982 AZE B 61.85 121 151 272
 14   TAMRAZYAN Arsen 11-09-1983 ARM B 61.69 121 150 271
 15   CORNETTA Giuliano 19-12-1980 ITA B 61.44 115 151 266
 16   BUCI Antoniu 21-01-1990 ROM B 61.38 118 142 260
 17   CHATZIDIS Theocharis 25-02-1985 GRE B 61.44 110 145 255
 18   VOICU Viorel 22-11-1985 ROM B 61.82 114 139 253
 19   SLABY Petr 25-11-1983 CZE B 61.54 110 140 250
 20   BARDIS Luca 05-05-1982 FRA B 61.75 109 138 247
 21   DALAKIAN Matvei 19-06-1981 ISR B 61.73 110 135 245
 22   BELAN Michal 24-12-1985 SVK B 61.91 100 125 225
 --   GARCIA Ivan 17-01-1983 ESP B 61.46 --- 140 ---

Enjoy also my pictures

The training halls had about 20 platforms.  

Training hall EC Strasbourg

The traininghall had around 20 platforms.

One of my last training sessions before the competition.


Clubmate Tom Van thienen (89 kg) came to watch my competition and had the chance to meet his Russian idol Chigishev (125 kg, 205+ 230).

Chigishev European championships Strasbourg


The competition hall was nice but it never filled up completeley. It seemed that they didn't make a lot of publicity in the city but and the entry prices were on the high side to attract outsiders. 

On the other hand the organisation did a very good job in bringing good atmosphere in the hall, with adapted music, with shows in the breaks.... 

competitition hall Strasbourg


Presentation a-group 62 kg

Presentation of the -62 kg A-group 

Some action pictures:

Richard Goegebuer, my father & coach
Concentration of athlete and coach (son and father) before an important 122 kg snatch...

Tom Goegebuer snatch 122 kg

My friend and trainingpartner Luc Lammens also helped coaching as you can see on the background. 
Tom Goegebuer eurosport 122 kg snatch
Tom Goegebuer Strasbourg 122 kg snatch
And a succesful 2nd attempt...

After missing 150 clean , I really had to concentrate for this very important last lift.
the pul
Tom Goegebuer 150 kg clean Strasbourg
the clean and getting ready for the jerk...
Tom Goegebuer 150 kg Jerk European Championships 2007
 And a succesful 150 kg jerk.


Discussing the result with Philippe Préat from the Belgian Olympic Commitee.

 My camera didn't  work anymore so this time I don't have any pics from outside competition....



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