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The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing- China are taking place from 8th till 25th of August.
Only accreditated press can report from the Olympic Games during the Games. As an athlete we are only allowed to post a blog with our personal experiences and personal pictures.

So don't expect any pictures of competitions or athletes that have nothing to do we me. (That's for later)
I can only report about my experiences and only when I find the time for it.

For more information on the Olympic games: 

Medium 4 U - Website where you can support the Belgian athletesBelgian Olympic commiteeOfficial Website Olympics  / IWF

Personal experiences and pictures

Olympic weightlifting mascotte

  • 31/07/2008: My coach/father and I left to Beijing.

My sister and her little kid, Yuna brought us to the Airport and both were dressed in a Chinese style.

Very funny and everybody was watching little Yuna.

Have to perform well so she can tell about her uncle later :-)
Second surprise came when I heard some cheering behind me. Turned out that a lot of collegues from work came to the airport!!

What a great surpise to have so many supporters :-) .

  • 01/08/2008: Arrival in the Olympic village in Beijing
After a flight of  10 hours and a total travelling time of at least 12hours without sleep we arrived early in the morning at the Olympic village. As it is best to adapt as soon as possible to the local hour, we tried not to sleep all day and even went training for an hour.

Security control olympic village Beijing
At arrival we  saw the strict  security measures at the Olympic village.

Here we were passing the security check. At every arrival (from training ...) all our bags are screened  with X-rays and we have to pass the metal detector.

center Olympic village
My father in the olympic village.
The village is very big (around 17000 people are expected) and I haven't visited everything.
Weightlifters aren't used to walk around so we prefer to rest and check everything out later.
Flat Olympic village
The Belgian Olympic team is staying in a building (B2) with several flats and every flat has a few double rooms.

My flatmate, the Gymnast Koen Van Damme is staying in the room next to me.

On the picture my flatmate and my father.
  • 2/08/2008: Second day in Beijing
We both slept more than 12 hours after the exhausting trip. Beijing is very hot, but we expected it to be even worse.
The restaurants and training room are air conditioned and the contrast (hot/cold) is very big.

I had a reasonable trainingsession in the evening

Weightlifting training Beijing
 My father is watching my trainingsessions closely in order to get the last technical details right.

Organisation made a schedule so that every country has a reserved platform(s) for 2 hours a day.
There are 50 platforms in the training hall and we got platform 5. 
Tom Goegebuer training in Beijing
I made a few powercleans and power jerks and I felt pretty well considered the travelling.
Ab training Beijing
and I finished the training with a session of abdominal training

  •  4/08/2008: 4th day in Beijing
The second night we slept less  but the third again better.
Fortunately cause after two moderate training days we planned our last test.
It all went fine with a good 112 snatch and 135 kg clean and jerk (which is better than my result at the Europeans 111+133) and I didn't even try maximum. I have to admit that I still have 2 kg overweight but this training is very promising anyway!

Sportwereld news

Very interesting to see athletes from other sports.
My father walking behind other athletes with slightly different body proportions ;-)

  •  4/08/2008: 5th day in Beijing
My bodyweight dropped to 57.9 kg but there is still a long way to go and I will need a sauna before the weigh-in for sure.
In order to adapt well to the sauna we took a long sauna session today after training

Sporza news


  •  5/08/2008: 5th day in Beijing

I have been taking a break after my Olympic adventure, but I'll try to update this as soon as possible!





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