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World Championships 2006 Report 

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World Championships 2006:
Report and pictures

The Dominican Weightlifting Federation organized the 2006 World championships. These 75th Men's  and 18th women's championships were staged from  27th September till 8th of October in Santa Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Santa Domingo, founded by Christofel Colombus' brother Bartholomeus, was the first real city in the "New World". It is where the settlement of all the Americans began and it's located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic, about mid way between the western border with Haiti and the eastern coastline.

The first major town to the east is the resort town of Boca Chica where all teams were accomodated in one of three touristical hotels, all with swimmingpools and very close at the beach. 

Boca Chica beach is a reef-protected lagoon of tranquil blue waters and powder-white sand. One can wade out 50m from shore into the water and still be only waist deep. Boca Chica is crowded on Sundays when capital city dwellers make the half hour commute to the beach, returning home at dusk. 

Swimmingpool Dominican Bay

Staying at such a nice holiday resort with swimmingpool and beach doesn't happen every time...

Boca Chica Beach

The famuous white sandy beaches and blue seawater of the Dominican Republic

Boca chica Beach

Vendors wander the beach trying  to get a few of the tourist dollars, selling silver jewelry, paintings,.. .  

On the left former Champion Alexander Kurlovich, accompanied by Russian's 105 kg class silver medallist Dimitri Klokov.

Eventhough the beach and swimmingpool looked very attractive, the weather didn't let us enjoy it all the time by showing us that the rainseason already started:

Rainshower Waterflood
How luxuriuos the hotels might look, Boca Chica left an impression of being a very poor region in the Dominican Republic with many girls looking for foreign men with money and sitting outside on a motorbike with nothing else to do than wait for a spare person to bring somewhere for a few dollar"pesos".
Motorcycle taxis, "motoconchos", are everywhere.

In terms of organization these championships were ok, with some very good things and a few minus points.. 
The delegations were lodged in 3 splendid hotels all lying on walking distance of eachother. As mentioned before these hotels were vere nice to reside but on the other hand the transport to the competition and traininghall took about 1 hour by bus. So going to watch 1 competition meant that you lost half a day.

The training and competition facilities were very good, since they used the Mirador del Este Sports Park that was constructed in Santa Domingo for the 2003 Panamerican Sports Games.
There were two nice training halls with enough platforms and new barbells, just in front of the competition hall. Enough water was provided which was very necessary for training in a very humid and hot atmosphere without air-conditioning.  

Traininghall World championships Weightlifting 2006

The first training hall 

Traininghall weightlifting Santa Domingo Second traininghall.
Tom Goegebuer squatting
Me doing front squats with 140 kg in one of the last trainingsessions before the competition.
Rezazadeh 270 kg front squat
Iranian World Champion +105 kg Rezazadeh, trying to do the same
but with 270 kg :-)
Dominika Misterska
Polish Dominika Misterska in training


In terms of the number of athletes and suspense of the competitions these championships were very successful.. 
About 176 women and 298 men from 80 countries were competing.
These World Championships were the first Olympic qualification event and as the main qualification is mainly by team performance, a lot of full teams were present.
Full results can be found on IWF website.

My 5th senior world championship ended as a disaster for me cause I made no total despite of a promising preparation. 
I had to lift in the B-group and for one reason or another they put the C-groups on evening sessions, and B-groups in the early morning. As a result I had to wake up 5 o'clock in the morning to take the bus at 6 a.m. for a 1 hour ride to the weigh-in.
I've never been a morning lifter but this was so early that my body was still sleeping and I wasn't explosive at all but I didn't miss any attempts in the warm-up,  so I still had no clue of what was going to happen.
My goal of doing 119, 124, 126 vanished immediatly when I missed my first attempt with 119 kg. As my lifts missed explosiveness I catched the weight a lot more wobbly than usualy and I got out of balance, thereby hurting my elbow.
I came in a situation that I wasn't snatching explosively and rigidly plus an injured elbow..., very bad combination indeed and I ended up with no total before I could realise. 
Because I injured my elbow I also decided not to do any clean and jerk lifts.

The competition hall was modern and nice, and the audience provided a nice atmosphere, especially when a home athlete was competing.

Presentation of my class, 62 kg B-group
The Warm Up room.
Me and my father (coach).
Tom Goegebuer snatch 119 kg
My unfortunate snatch attempts..

Some variuos shots: 

The Dolega Brothers are probably the strongest brothers at this time.
Here, World Champion Marcin Dolega  -105 kg demonstrating his strength by lifting his team mates, Marieta Gotfried (-58), Alexandra Klejnowska (-58) and Marta Kleszczynska (-48)

Marcin became the best lifter of these championship by lifting 193+222 kg at 105 kg. 


Me and other brother Robert Dolega who totalled 400 kg in the 105 kg class.

Canadian Rob Macklem took many nice pictures that can be found on: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38313689@N00/



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