Weightlifting : WC Warsaw 2002


Report on the world senior championships weightlifting 2002.

Unfortunately I could not be an active participant in these world championships due to a back injury.
I had competed in all World Championships since 1997 and I really did not want to miss this one, 
so I decided to drive to Poland together with a friend to see it live.

By the way , driving in Poland turned out to be a real expedition. 
It took me 8 hours to drive from the Polish border (Frankfurt/Oder) to Warsaw. 
As we had been driving already 8 hours from Ghent (Belgium) to the Polish border, 
I can reassure you that these last hours on the small roads in Poland were 'killing'.

I rented an apartment together with my club mate Steve and my Finnish friend Kari Kinnunen. 
Needless to say that we had lots of fun. 

For a report on every competition day -with splendid pictures and some ironic remarks-  
I direct you to a website of my  friend Keith : 
KL 's Weightlifting Page

It's worth visiting!!

I can say that the organization was quite good. The training room and competition place were in the same hall.
More than three screens in the warm -up room made it easy to coach. 
Only minor point in the organization seemed to be the lack of publicity 
(no posters or other ways of propaganda in the town), 
As a result  very few spectators turned up the first days. 
But luckily the audience gradually grew day by day, 
and for Agata Wrobel's struggle for the gold the Torwar sports hall was filled to full capacity. 

After the weightlifting action on Keith's page, it is time for some 'inside-action' ;-).

 Kari, Steve and I enjoying some Belgian beers in our flat.


My friend Steve, known as a real big man, learned that everything is relative..
Shane Hamman from USA, only 175 cm tall,  weighed in at 169 kg!

And believe me, he 's amazingly fast.

My good friend Alexandra Klejnowska gave me this picture with autograph:

And yes, ... again I had to have some pictures together with some girls for my image ;-)

Polish lifter 58 kg, Marieta Gotfryd Two Latvian girls

After this, my ego was boosted that much that I could lift a big car in front of the Grand Hotel:

After Agata Wrobel's great victory we went to a disco with a big group. 
I did not have my camera with me but fortunately , Marc Huster had his digital camera with him.

So all credits for the following awesome pictures are for Marc Huster

Dionisio Rozalina dancing with Agata ! 

 You don't know Dioniso? 
That's a shame. 

This guy is crazy



This time he had a wicked and risky plan ;-) ...
... and he succeeded. But if she liked it? 



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