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When I started my webpage back in 2002, it was difficult to find good websites and news about weightlifting, and I always tried to bring the best personal and general news.


Nowadays there are a lot of specialised sites, and I am no longer putting much news on my website.

For personal news, you can also check my athlete facebook page.


At the time my website was visited a lot and I got a lot of(mostly good) comments.

Below you can read the messages from my old guestbook (till 2007)

I lost the messages from 2007-2012 with the update but you are welcome to put any comments on my new guest book.


Messages from my original guestbook (2002-2007)



hallo ik wil ook treinen met gewone gewichten ,, maar weet niet er geen training voor kan jij mij helpen

jens van hoeydonck <clubbrugge_1@hotmail.com> - Wed May 30 14:10:23 CEST 2007


The site is beautifully done. Hope to see more and more in the future.

USA <engineer1975@gmail.com> - Fri Jul 28 16:55:00 CEST 2006


ge weet toch dat dergelijke sporten niet goed zijn voor uw ballekes hé?

Jan de Groot, Nederland <jan0274@hotmail.com> - Tue Jul 25 12:26:50 CEST 2006

Reply Webmaster: Correctie, niet de sport , maar doping is er slecht voor. Dus kheb er geen last van hoor. 


Extraordinary website, best regards & make a headway,see yo

Jose Poland <wat1@tlen.pl> - Mon Jul 3 21:56:33 CEST 2006

homepage: http://wat.republika.pl


Excellent site!

Neil A. Pye, London, UK <neil_a_pye@yahoo.co.uk> - Mon Jul 3 01:51:58 CEST 2006

I enjoyed your website very much!


Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Alfred Schmitt

Prof. Alfred Schmitt <professor.alfred.schmitt@gmail.com> - Wed May 31 14:30:38 CEST 2006


For an unknown reason my guestbook was out of order for more than a half year.

Sorry for those who made an entry that has never been published.

But it is working again.

So please give me your comments again !

Webmaster Tom <tom.goegebuer@yucom.be> - Mon May 29 00:00:09 CEST 2006


the new page of argentinian federation is:


dario lemme + Argentina <dlicman@hotmal.com> - Thu Jul 7 03:38:47 CEST 2005


Wat een dwaze sport jongen, je ziet er opgeblazen uit met een velopompke!

Maar bon ieder heug zijn eigen meug....

jacky Belgium <jackydewulf@hotmail.com> - Fri Jun 24 11:31:42 CEST 2005


Witam,trenowalem czynnie do 2002 moje wyniki z tamtych czasow to;rwanie 160 kg i podrzut 200kg w kat.105 kg,roczik 1977.wice mistrz Polski do 23 lat z 1999 roku wynikiem 145+185=330 w kat.94 kg teraz jestem trenerem ale we wrzesniu powracam na pomostm,pozdrawiam wszystkich,mocy przybywaj!!!!RKS OKECIE WARSZAWA

Jaroslaw Czapski,Polska,Warszawa <blokada74@.wp> - Wed Jun 1 08:10:29 CEST 2005


Just want to say Hey!!

Måns, Sweden <tnv03mf@tycho.helsingborg.se> - Thu May 26 10:41:26 CEST 2005


Hallo Tom,

Kwou je even laten weten dat je mijn steun hebt.

Je bent een fantastische man!

Love you forever



Anja Dick  - Fri May 15 13:37:34 CEST 2007


Hi great page.

Thats all :)

mike Sweden <mike_dee1@hotmail.com> - Thu May 5 21:07:39 CEST 2005


Dag Tom,

Proficiat met je uitslag op de EK.

Zoals je ziet kom ik nog eens op je site terecht, voor het nieuws en de foto's uiteraard. En zo heb je ook weer een fan erbij,



Truyens Lut, België <luttruyens@skynbet.be> - Thu May 5 10:12:26 CEST 2005


hi tom , am happy to maill u and to say good job for you kayode is my name and am a weightlifter in nigeria in 77kg class and i wannt to make comment i want come and train over ther and i will happy if you can grant me to com till i hear from you

kayode alao <boxerdrugs@yahoo.com> - Sun May 1 04:44:11 CEST 2005


Hi Tom, gefeliciteerd met je goede prestaties! Ik heb uiteraard voor de buis gezeten, ik zie je snel in Den Haag met die mooie auto van je!


t..m. van der stoep <teresavdse@hotmail.com> - Wed Apr 27 16:51:49 CEST 2005


hallo Tom,

gute leistung in Sofia, wir haben alle vor dem fernseher mit Dir gelitten.

viele Grüße von uns allen, auch an den -- Betreuer --, deinen Vater.

Oliver Hirtz

KSV Hostenbach

oliver hirtz BRD <oliverhirtz61@aol.com> - Sat Apr 23 20:24:55 CEST 2005


Hallo Tom!I think Your website is the most thrilling I have seen on the net,expressing all the correct mix with info and humor.I watched you on the tv and and take my hat of for you,being one of very few lifters coming from west europe to comepete of the higest glory.Keep up your fantatisk job.Gudmundur Sigurdsson.

Gudmundur Sigurdsson. Iceland --Island (ISL) < gsigurdsson@simnet.is> - Sat Apr 23 12:50:26 CEST 2005


Dear Tom

Congratulation with your result at the European Shampionship.

I was watching the TV transmission, EUROSPORT, anf I thin you were lifting bery good, and you alos look to be very strong at the moment.

Unfortunatly you did not move yourself enough forward, under the bar, when you were doing the Jerk. I thin you should have been 2 cm more forward, and maybr you should keep yourt head a littel more up. In that way the bar will come more on it right place.

(You know, all the good trainer are sitting between the audiens).

best regards

Allan Tang Jespersen


Allan Tang Jespersen <atjespersen@hotmail.com> - Thu Apr 21 13:53:57 CEST 2005

homepage: http://www.allantangjespersen.webbyen.dk


Hi Tom,

Congratulations with your 6th Place on the EK 2005, and thre 125 Snatch, 150 C&J.

See You on mail,

Grtz Chris

Chris Bessems Netherlands <chrisbessems@hotmail.com> - Thu Apr 21 09:50:53 CEST 2005



Congratulations with your 6th place on the European Championships with 125 snatch and 150 clean & jerk

Tom Van thienen Belgium <tom_vt@hotmail.com> - Wed Apr 20 22:25:57 CEST 2005


Congratulations with your 6th place on the European Championships!!!

Greetz, Robert

Robert Bessems Netherlands <info@robertbessems.nl> - Wed Apr 20 21:59:32 CEST 2005

homepage: http://www.robertbessems.nl


Hi Tom,

wollte dir für die EM nächste Woche noch mal viel Glück wünschen! Ich werde mir deinen Kampf natürlich anschauen und dir ganz fest die Daumen drücken!



Peter Schorr Germany <p.schorr@gmx.net> - Fri Apr 15 11:40:13 CEST 2005


hi tom great website very well put together,i am looking for a good training schedule to follow if u have any could u email me one please thanks.

padraig murphy <murphypadraig2000@yahoo.com> - Sun Apr 3 14:30:00 CEST 2005


Hi Tom, This is Dave Peterson from Michigan and the midwestern part of the U.S. and also where the Great Lakes are located;that is Lake Michigan,Huron.Superior,Ontario and Erie. Your web site is great and well put together. I'm mostly coaching lifters and putting on 3 or more regional meets per year and cruising through all the weightlifting web sites.A good friend of mine is a Belgian-American whose parents came over some time ago.Of course one of his heroes is the late great lifter Serge Reding.

Dave Peterson <Frostie397@aol.com> - Mon Mar 28 17:10:27 CEST 2005


Hello Tom,

congratulations with your new Belgian record of 127,5 kg snatch!!!

Keep on going.


Robert Bessems - Netherlands <info@robertbessems.nl> - Fri Mar 25 21:05:57 CET 2005

homepage: http://www.robertbessems.nl



You have a nice page.

We have add you page adres to links (LINKI) on www.polmasters.org

Is nice to inform you that a new page is online: POLMASTERS - POLISH MASTERS W/L FEDERATION



NEW WEIGHTLIFTING PAGE - POLISH MASTERS W/L FEDERATION <webmaster@polmasters.org> - Sun Mar 20 12:02:30 CET 2005

homepage: http://www.polmasters.org


hi tom you will not know me but when i was browsing in your pictures, i thought i know that man! i saw pictures of Lommel( am i richt?)

i also see your father who s been whit you from the start i think?

Great, weightlifting is in your blood (i think the both of you)

but are you still performing on the highest level?

ore are you already thinking about the future, you could be a great Ambasador of the sport in the Benelux, whit your contacts we could try to give weightlifting a kick in the ass in the benelux something like Krachten bundelen but for the weightlifting sport!

it would be nice to talk about it somwhere in the future?

Here in Holland we just have the Nationals and it was sad to see that weightlifting is on its ass!

Joop stopt lifting , theresa also Rozalina is a coach now,

Dear Tom i hope we can do something in the near future like in the early days,

a benelux championchip or an Belgie versus Holland who knows.

Hope to hear from you


marco Hormes


Marco Hormes <Personal__Trainer@hotmail.com> - Fri Mar 11 11:55:44 MET 2005



PESAS PERU <pesasperu@hotmail.com> - Tue Feb 15 17:57:38 MET 2005

homepage: http://www.pesasperu.pe.nu


Hallo Tom,

soll dir von Olli ausrichten,das wir am Samstag den 29.01.05 zum Wettkampf in Ladenburg um 16 Uhr am Kulturhaus in Hostenbach abfahren.

Wünsche dir alles Gute und viel Erfolg.

Tolle Internetseite

Gruß Horst (KSV Hostenbach)

Horst Thiry <Horst_Thiry@t-online.de> - Tue Jan 25 21:05:06 MET 2005

homepage: http://www.ksv-hostenbach.de


I am 39 year old male, 6ft 3in tall, weight 20st, 31bs, I am big but not strong for my size, I have trained as a powerlifter and a strongman, for 20 years now, I have done every routine there is, 10 sets of 10 reps, 10 sets of 3, 10 sets of 1 rep, 5x5, and I have taken most forms of steriods there is, injections and pills.

I currently train 5 sets of 3 reps, total body in a day, one day on three off. HELP. Thanks. Mark

Mark - UK <mark.hulse@tesco.net> - Thu Jan 20 16:58:57 MET 2005


I am 39 years old, 6ft 3 ins tall and weigh 20st 31bs.I have been training for 20 years but am not strong for my size, I am currently training my total body once every 4 days doing 4 sets of 3 reps, this feels good, but will it work. I am also on the juice 500mg enanthate every 2 weeks. I know of people half my size but three times stronger and they haver never taken steriods. Thanks mark. mark.hulse@tesco.net

Mark - UK <mark.hulse@tesco.net> - Thu Jan 20 16:50:28 MET 2005


i want to get some information that how to excercise the body building

Shahabuddin Afghanistan <shahabansari_42@hotmail.com> - Sun Jan 16 05:39:23 MET 2005


Hey Tom,

Hier Thomas Goegebuer, idd je leest't goed, zelfde achternaam, maar geen weightlifter ;-)

Indrukwekkende foto's heb je daar, en een zeer indrukwekkend palmares.

Was eigenlijk gewoon op zoek naar familieleden op google, en toen kwam ik op jouw site terecht. Ik zou zeggen, doe zo verder man, ge zijt goe bezig !

Allé mr. Goegebuer, hou je naam eer aan en kick some ass.

Groeten Thomas Goegebuer

Goegebuer Thomas Belgium (Gent) <Thomas_goegebuer@hotmail.com> - Tue Jan 11 14:49:27 MET 2005


nice homepage, it would be better if u had a real picture of yourself so people could see you

sarah ewing <tapper@youareadork.com> - Tue Nov 30 00:40:47 MET 2004


gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe record!!!!!!!! liefs,

teresa, nederland <teresavdse@hotmail.com> - Fri Nov 19 18:05:21 MET 2004


Merci pour ce site avec des résultats du Championnat Français !!

Retrouver la nouvelle version du site de l'AL Quimper Haltérophilie Musculation Remise en Forme toujours à la même adresse : http://alqh.free.fr Avec toute l'actu du club, photos, vidéos, résultats commentaires, conseils d'entraînement et un forum.


AL Quimper (France) <alqh@free.fr> - Sun Nov 14 17:50:39 MET 2004

homepage: http://alqh.free.fr


hello Tom,

Found your site by looking for Luc on google.Thought I would find him under the weightwatchers sites, but hell no, he's still weightlifting, and still doing well. Keep on going guys.

Can you forward my email to Luc, would like to stay in touch, but he's changing email adress weekly. Hard to get this Luc.



Diedrik Impens (South Africa) <diedrik_vonhumboldt@yahoo.com> - Thu Nov 11 12:44:05 MET 2004


Hallo Tom, viele Grüsse aus Hostenbach! Wir hoffen alle, dass du fit bist und wir wieder zusammen schöne und spannende Wettkämpfe erleben werden! Bis bald!


Peter Schorr (Germany) <p.schorr@gmx.net> - Wed Oct 27 09:58:36 MEST 2004


Hoi Tom,

Ik weet niet of je Sportweekend gezien hebt gisterenavond, maar Meneer Picavet heeft ook de krachtbalsport ferm in het belachelijke getrokken. Een ganse middag zijn ze komen filmen maar van de match in eerste nationale, dus het krachtbal op het hoogste niveau, werd bijna niets getoond en alles werd compleet belachelijk gemaakt om zo de krachtbalsport als 'marginaal' af te schilderen...

Ik herinner me ook de reportage tijdens de olympische spelen over het gewichtheffen en ik kan me nu des te meer inbeelden hoe jullie zich toen voelden.

Het heeft bij ons een golf van protest, emoties en minachting tov Picavet teweeg gebracht!

Als je zin hebt moet je maar eens onze website bezoeken : www.brsolutions.be/robland

Sportieve groeten,

Bart Rosseel,

Krachtbalclub Robland Sint-Michiels

Bart Rosseel <br@brsolutions.be> - Mon Oct 11 12:00:48 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.brsolutions.be/robland


Hello, my name is Waltemir Versani de Souza Callou I am from Brazil pratical weightlifting(levantamento de peso)not much time is long-suffering lesion lumbar.

taste receive direction training.

Waltemir Versani de Souza Callou BRAZIL <versani@ig.com.br> - Sun Oct 3 04:48:58 MEST 2004


Live long and prosper !

Britney Zazzy / Latvia <britney@cwazy.co.uk> - Tue Sep 14 18:16:27 MEST 2004


Hi Tom! I am an italian weightlifter.. not strong as u but ok in national level.. I found your web site very nice.. where u can have a view of the European Weightlifting.. It is very difficult find something similar from Italian athletes.. so . keep it updated!! and of course congratulations for ur results.

I would try to publish just a few pages about me.. I am working on it.. I will inform you when it is ready!

DAVIDE CIUOLI Siena ITALY <shondave@virgilio.it> - Thu Sep 2 17:15:08 MEST 2004



Love your website you sure have a lot of freinds. And the female freinds are my favorite. I may have some weightlifting questions in the future. I hope to gather some wisdom from you on technique and theory's. ??? So can we keep in touch?


Weldon Wenturine Philadelphia, PA USA <w55@juno.com> - Tue Aug 31 06:00:45 MEST 2004


Cool pics.

Mystery man <dachainman@hotmail.com> - Mon Aug 23 05:14:59 MEST 2004


HEY!!!!!!!!!! too bad you are not here..... (olympics 2004) :(

but don't give up pal! keep the fight! you are the best!

kisses! Elli from Athens.

p's super site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisavet <elina28@freemail.gr> - Fri Aug 20 22:16:15 MEST 2004


Hey Tomy!!!

whats up???why u dont update ur page??dont be lazy...:)

Ewunia ;) <ewunia@one.lv> - Fri Aug 20 17:36:13 MEST 2004


Hey Tom,

Deine Seite wird ja immer besser, freue mich sehr auf die neue Saison, was sagst Du zu den ergebnissen, bis heute??

Liebe Grüße

Oliver Hirtz

und der KSV Hostenbach

Oliver Hirtz/BRD <o.hirtz@slpol.de> - Wed Aug 18 19:52:47 MEST 2004


Nice Page

Arek-Poland <arekmatrix@wp.pl> - Fri Aug 13 22:55:55 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.polkowice.ciezary.prv.pl



CRISTIAN ESCALANTE CHILE. <escalantepesas@yahoo.es> - Mon Aug 2 19:52:48 MEST 2004

good site

I am fen on Milen Dobrev BG

mxms Bulgaria <mxms@abv.bg> - Sun Jul 25 12:53:05 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.zhitnitsa.data.bg


Great site!

Ben Dover <owned419@yahoo.com> - Tue Jul 20 23:31:00 MEST 2004


Great Site! I have 8 websites and would like to exchange links with you guys from all around the world, please visit my website http://www.villakecapi.com or http://www.thekunti.com and fill in the “contact us form” to reach me. I do not display my private email address to avoid spamming. Wish to hear from you guys.

Kerta - Indonesia <villa-kerta-bali@yahoo.com> - Thu Jul 15 14:04:04 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.villakerta.com


nice site!

Rolton <rolton@oemmail.com> - Thu Jul 15 09:03:10 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.topwebsearch.net


Great site keep up the good work.

Raymond <rjboea@boeafitness.com> - Sun Jul 11 00:55:00 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.workout-routines.boeafitness.com


Hello I wanted to say hello and congrat you on your homepage

Linda Austria <linda.korte@gmx.de> - Thu Jul 8 14:01:13 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.hotcybernews.com/pmom/


Hi Tom!

Very nice and informative page and very nice photos! :) I Hope your training goes well! Are you going to Athens?

Best wishes, from a 17 year old Swedish weightlifter!

Emil Rinse From Sweden! <emil.rinse@tycho.helsingborg.se> - Mon Jul 5 15:50:44 MEST 2004


Nice site, good job. I am sure I'll be back here soon...

musiq.pl <majkel23@poczta.fm> - Sat Jun 26 16:37:06 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.musiq.pl


Hell Tom...

Best regards from Poland. I'm inform you that my website now is in english too !!! There are many statistics about weightlifting in Poland and in the World.

Marek Drzewowski



MAREK DRZEWOWSKI - Poland <autor@polska.sztanga.prv.pl> - Sun Jun 13 17:11:55 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.polska.sztanga.prv.pl/


You have a nice site, You put alot of work into it and it shows. Hope you like my site too <a href="http://wwww.4cdmusic.com">4CDMusic.com</a> Online source for music news, reviews and new releases

Music <ads@4cdmusic.com> - Sun Jun 13 16:19:10 MEST 2004

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guy-man <mumu@mugu.com> - Thu Jun 10 12:14:25 MEST 2004


Hallo Tom,

wie geht es??

Melde Dich mal, Deine Freunde aus Hostenbach.

Liebe Grüße


O. Hirtz BRD <o.hirtz@slpol.de> - Thu Jun 3 12:18:06 MEST 2004


Nice site

erik <erikbrabant@hotmail.com> - Wed Jun 2 10:49:18 MEST 2004


Great site!!!

Alan <gertstaty@yahoo.com> - Sun May 30 23:52:49 MEST 2004

homepage: http://onlyoung.net


Your site is really good.

USA <aa@emuzyka.aa> - Sat May 29 21:59:23 MEST 2004

homepage: http://tapety.emuzyka.pl


Interesting site. Glad to visit it.

Masaharu / Japan <info@hi-hat.net> - Fri May 28 12:49:48 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.hi-hat-records.com/


Wow Tom, ik wist niet dat wij in België atleten van jouw kaliber hadden rondlopen! Bedankt dat je dit voor ons doet!

Groeten van Luc

Luc Lauwrijssens <info@brasserie-kwadraat.be> - Thu May 27 14:02:28 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.brasserie-kwadraat.be


Hola, soy de Perú ví tu información en www.PESASPERU.es.vg y bueno te escribo para estar en contacto, quiero hablar de PESAS contigo. nos vemos

Luis (PERU) <CodigoLuis5000@hotmail.com> - Thu May 20 06:18:49 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.luismartinez.es.vg



GUYMAN MUGU <MUGU@MUGU.COM> - Wed May 12 16:54:04 MEST 2004



What an interesting and informative web site.


Helen Marshall USA <helenmarshallfau@yahoo.com> - Wed May 12 03:37:30 MEST 2004


Bravo pour la 5ème place au Championnat d'Europe.

Merci pour le site. Très bien.

Erwan (France) <erwankerninon@yahoo.fr> - Sun May 9 19:35:32 MEST 2004

homepage: http://alqh.free.fr


I'm the beginner webmaster, your site is very interesting, I'm necessarily came hear again

Ivan <webmaster@your-posters.ocm> - Fri May 7 09:38:24 MEST 2004

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I really like your website; I will share this with friends.

Lekok - Indonesia <allbalivillas@telkom.net> - Thu May 6 13:49:30 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.allbalivillas.com


Hey Tom. Nog gefeliciteerd met je 5e plaats op de EK in Kiev.

Leuk dat je ook op de webpagina van onze vereniging hebt gekeken.

Groetjes Chris

Chris, Netherlands <chrisbessems@hotmail.com> - Mon May 3 09:42:20 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.ksvhelios.tk


A very nice page and good content, keep up the good work.

Best wishes form grishan !

grishan germany <grishan@nospam.org> - Thu Apr 29 03:17:49 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.grishan.schwabenserver.de


welkom thuis en gefeliciteerd met je vijfde plaats op het EK in Kiev!!!!!!!!

teresa from Holland <teresavdse@hotmail.com> - Tue Apr 27 14:12:36 MEST 2004


Nice job (from a weightlifter in the USA)!

Gregson Biloxi <g_biloxi@linuxmail.org> - Sun Apr 25 17:30:21 MEST 2004


Veel succes in Kiev, Tom.

Olav from Belgium <olav.denul@pandora.be> - Fri Apr 16 13:53:19 MEST 2004

homepage: http://users.pandora.be/olav.denul


Hallo Tom,

ich wünsche dir in Kiew alles Gute und dass du das packst, was du dir vorgenommen hast! Vielleicht klappt es ja noch mit deinem Traum von Olypia!

Viele Grüße,

Peter Schorr

KSV Hostenbach

Peter Schorr (Germany) <p.schorr@gmx.net> - Fri Apr 16 07:30:19 MEST 2004



My name is Marek Drzewowski and I'm from Poland. I suggest you my new

statistics web-site about weightlifting in Poland. You find that any

results, many rankings, records and statistics from my country. This is a

first web-site about weightlifting-statistics in Poland. I am a author of

this web-site.

With best regards

Marek Drzewowski



autor@polska.sztanga.prv.pl ; baleno@poczta.onet.pl

MAREK DRZEWOWSKI - Poland <autor@polska.sztanga.prv.pl ; baleno@poczta.onet.pl> - Fri Apr 2 20:50:05 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.polska.sztanga.prv.pl/


I like the color scheme of your site, it is sexy!

John USA <john@excavatorthumb.com> - Mon Mar 29 15:57:13 MEST 2004

homepage: http://www.excavator-bucket.com


super site

piotrek <piotr@powerhostid.pl> - Wed Mar 24 13:31:14 MET 2004

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Moi Tom!

Thanks for visiting in your websites http://members.surfeu.fi/lsp/ (one of finnish weightlifting websites)! You have very nice websites and I hope that you keep on doing it.

Have a nice spring and welcome to Finland again! =)

Maarit (from Finland but now in Budapest, Hungary) <maarit.aukeala@piramk.fi> -

Sun Mar 21 18:01:55 MET 2004


i enjoyed your site

keep up the good work

have you been drug free the entire time?

ryan usa <ryan_julia2003@yahoo.com> - Sun Feb 15 06:39:05 MET 2004


ANSWER from Tom Goegebuer : 

I really  am drugfree. Don't  give up all you young lifters. 

It's possible to reach international level being clean. It takes time and dedication but it's worth it!



I just wanted to say that you made a nice site. I am the creator of Norik Vardanian's site.

Staff Vardanian + United States <staff2112@norikvardanian.cjb.net> - Mon Feb 9 23:05:53 MET 2004

homepage: http://norikvardanian.cjb.net


Hallo Tom

I was looking for the Belgian Weightlefting competitionsdates and so I arrived in your website

I don't tell you who I'am but you know me good

your competitipns in Germany were good I hope

your website looks good


Geldhof Marie Paule <mp.geldhof@advalvas.be> - Sat Feb 7 22:40:00 MET 2004




TOMAS Ireland <tomlift@hotmail.com> - Tue Feb 3 19:55:43 MET 2004


Knock knock!

Just a small correction - weightlifting in Lithuanian is 'sunkioji atletika'. 'Sunkiosios atletikos' is not right as it's one of the cases.

A friend of your 'brother' having no knowledge of weightlifting but carrying a great respect for the ones crazy about it!:)

Inga <mentor@vusa.lt> - Fri Jan 23 11:48:09 MET 2004


Hi Tom, frohes neues Jahr aus Hostenbach. Hoffe du bist morgen gut drauf für den Kampf gegen Ladenburg. Lass dich mal in unserem Forum Blicken.

Bis dann


Frank from Germany <fschackmann@t-online.de> - Fri Jan 9 18:00:58 MET 2004

homepage: http://www.ksv-hostenbach.de


Great Site! Thank-you!

We cordially invite you to browse our web site featuring Hand Painted "Gone With the Wind" Lamps & Night Lights @ Gramp's Lamps!

Find us using your favorite search engine or simply go to http://grampslamps.com

Thank-you for visiting Gramp's Lamps!

Gramp's Lamps USA <gonewiththewindlamps@yahoo.com> - Mon Jan 5 22:40:00 MET 2004

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Hallo Tom,

guten Rutsch und viel Erfolg für 2004,

Dir und deiner Familie

Oliver Hirtz

KSV Hostenbach

oliver hirtz <oliverhirtz@> - Tue Dec 30 09:31:10 MET 2003


Je bent al goed, maar hopelijk word je nog beter in 2004 hé ;-)

Dries Willaert, België <wakaera@hotmail.com> - Sat Dec 27 15:25:41 MET 2003

homepage: http://home.pi.be/~diwill23/dries


hello tom, it is a great web page. i send you the invitation for the international tournament in almería, lpv2005, is the club of Abigail Guerrero and Ciro Ibáñez. I am the head coach of the club, Miguel Fernández, i worked for the spanish team, 1989-2000, and then with the catalonian team 2000-2003, now i am in almería working with abigail and ciro. I hope we can see you in the international tournament.

Happy new year

josé miguel fernández borrazás, Spain <lpv2005@hotmail.com, senseribo@hotmail.com> - Sat Dec 27 12:44:07 MET 2003

homepage: http://www.lpv2005.net www.abigail-lpv2005.net



Moi brother!

One week and you will see some snow. =) You are warmly welcome!

I can see the site of yours is getting popular. Maybe we can redesign graphics a bit after few bottles of wine.. or then we'll just concentrate of having real Finnish sauna. My greetings to all my friends in Belgium and around of weightlifting world. Relaxing and calm time before and while Christmas!

See you soon!

kari <kari@punttipojat.fi> - Mon Dec 15 07:40:03 MET 2003

homepage: http://kari.sitefactory.fi


Een tijdje geleden dat ik je site bekeek. Wat een verrassing! Mooi!

Van harte veel sportief succes toegewenst.

Gil België <gilvandevelde@tiscalinet.be> - Sat Dec 6 17:02:34 MET 2003

homepage: http://home.tiscalinet.be/honingbij


Hey fatboy, no sign of the Belgian team in Vancouver. I was forced to hang out with that bunch of rabble known as the Nederlands team. (uggh!)

Anyway, you will be pleased to hear that RipSteel covered the competitions and provided the usual in-depth, expert commentry.



Keith, UK <lazygit@globalnet.co.uk> - Mon Dec 1 12:09:59 MET 2003

homepage: http://www.RipSteel.org.uk


what a great site indeed

guyman <guy@yahoo.com> - Wed Nov 26 15:25:09 MET 2003


Great site dude.

I was wondering where I can buy Asics weightlifting gear? You had a logo on your page.


Nick Roberts

Canadian Junior Team, 85kg class

Nick Roberts, Canada (Newfoundland) <pyrrosdimas@hotmail.com> - Fri Nov 21 13:48:34 MET 2003


Hi Tom

Nice little site your got here. You could ease up on the background colors, but that is a matter of taste.

See you in Kiev?

Anders, Denmark

Anders Bendix Nielsen, Denmark <anti@post.tele.dk> - Wed Nov 19 13:46:50 MET 2003



It is a nice and well informed site about Weightlifting. We have a World Weightlifting Championship 2003 in our city " Vancouver"(Canada). So I was just surfing the weightlifting sites.


Sammy (Powerlifter)

Vancouver, Canada

Sammy, Canada <powerlifter3@hotmail.com> - Sat Nov 15 21:41:08 MET 2003


hallo tom echt gute seite

grüße aus dem saarland adrian

adrian deutschland <adrian.reichrath@db.com> - Sat Nov 15 13:04:01 MET 2003


Hey Tom ,

Eerst en vooral proficiat met jou pretaties.

Ja amai je mag er zijn prachtig afgetraind lijf da jij heb.

Alleé ja da wou ik ff kwijt.


Griet Belguim <grietdams380@hotmail.com> - Thu Oct 16 20:32:26 MEST 2003

Hallo Tom


schöne Sache hier, mache mal ein Bild aus Hostenbach hinein.



Oliver Hirtz Deutschland <oliverhirtz@aol.com> - Thu Oct 16 08:13:45 MEST 2003


Hallo Tom,

sehr schöne Sache mit Deiner Hom-Peage, weiter so, Deine Freund aus Hopstenbach.

Hast Du nicht ein Foto von einem Kampf in Hostenbach, würde mich freuen, wenn Du eines hineinschreibst.



Oliver Hirtz Deutschland <oliverhirtz@aol.com> - Thu Oct 16 08:12:22 MEST 2003


Hey fatboy!

I have just booked my flights to Van Koover so I hope you will be dragging your lazy Belgian backside over there.

Can I also expect to see the usual crowd of lowlife with whom you seem to associate?

Other news - I nearly snatched 190Kg recently but it fell over the back again. Unfortunately noone else was in the gym to witness it...

Keith <lazygit@globalnet.co.uk> - Sun Sep 7 20:12:07 MEST 2003

homepage: http://www.ripsteel.org.uk



Olav's friend here. Great site.....

Didier from Belgium <Pantheim@skynet.be> - Mon Jul 21 12:42:54 MEST 2003

homepage: http://users.skynet.be/Didier.Geofictie/


Hey Coach.

Just a short message to say thanks for your work as my coach in Pavia. Next time will be better !!! Cheers !

steffie Hellgium <iconoclasm666@hotmail.com> - Fri Jul 18 21:21:56 MEST 2003


Dear Tom

My compliment!

Very interesting homepage. One of the most interesting pages concerning a young


Best regards

Allan Tang Jespersen, Denmark

Allan Tang Jespersen, Denmark <atjespersen@hotmail.com> - Sat Jun 7 00:19:58 MEST 2003


Hi Tommie,

congratulations with your EC-result, hope your back is fine, see you soon!

Big kiss,

Teresa from Holland <teresavdse@hotmail.com> - Mon May 12 15:52:01 MEST 2003


Hey Tupid... just saw your updates... Man congrats with your jerk result... after that back injury ... you got a big pair of *****. Pity of the snatch man... I know you can do 120 no problem... I guessed that traing at KOG would have been sufficient preparation for NOISE !!! :). Nice pics too... Oh Yeah Great to hear that KOG is again the best club in belgium... Didn't think they could pull it off with their best lifters not competing.... (well one of them at least ;) ) VICTORY is ours AGAIN :p

C-ya soon have to get in shape again...


Steve da Metalhead Bellgium <iconoclasm666@hotmail.com> - Mon Apr 28 13:48:23 MEST 2003

Hi !!

Le site est un peu trop anglais pour moi, y aura-t-il une version française dans le futur ??

Erwan--- FRANCE <erwankerninon@caramail.com> - Thu Apr 24 23:05:17 MEST 2003

homepage: http://alqh.free.fr


Hallo Tom,

ik heb uw site terug ontdekt ,mooi werk proficiat en dank u voor de opzoekingen


van hoyweghen Eugeen (Belgie ) <vhoyweghen@skynet.be> - Sat Mar 22 11:22:29 MET 2003


Awesome site mate! Some really kool pictures, links and info here :-D

Greg from Scotland <glasgowgreg3000@hotmail.com> - Wed Mar 12 15:31:19 MET 2003

Hello Tom!


That's me Slawek fom Poland. Your webside is great! Thanks for pictures. Thenks this pictures I remember time when you come to us, party at Dominika! Rest I send e-mail.

All the best for my frend send Slawek. Poland

S&#322;awek <pakus@plusnet.pl> - Mon Mar 3 09:58:36 MET 2003

homepage: http://www.lkspc.prv.pl


Hey man... this site is really getting better and better everytime !

Anywayz let's have a great training !

Keep it up bad boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !


By the way... you ARE getting Fat.... and old too ;)

C-ya in a couple

the not so mighty but working on it Steffi from HELLGIUM <iconoclasm666@hotmail.com> - Wed Feb 5 18:11:32 MET 2003

homepage: http://working on it !


Hey man... this site is really getting better and better everytime !

Anywayz let's have a great training !

Keep it up bad boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !


By the way... you ARE getting Fat.... and old too ;)

C-ya in a couple

the not so mighty but working on it Steffi from HELLGIUM <iconoclasm666@hotmail.com> - Wed Feb 5 18:10:53 MET 2003

homepage: http://working on it !


jamais vu de site perso aussi complet, felicitations !

si vous connaissez un haltero capable de renforcer une equipe de nationale 2 (poitiers)pas de probleme, on est preneurs.

encore bravo pour votre site

Patrick FERRANDIER - FRANCE <chp@ifrance.com> - Wed Feb 5 11:36:12 MET 2003

homepage: http://chpoitiers.multimania.com







BEBOK <BEBOK666@WP.PL> - Tue Jan 21 00:41:40 MET 2003


Salut Tom,

Toujours la forme à ce que je vois!

J'espere te revoir un jour, plutôt sur les pistes de ski qu'en Espagne (good old days... :-))



Bart (Switzerland) <Cozmobart@hotmail.com> - Mon Jan 20 09:31:09 MET 2003


Hi Tomy!

Sorry I was written uncorrect weightlifting in russian, correct is Тяжёлая атлетика, But this magic word in estonian language is tōstespord.

Eva from Latvia <pita@one.lv> - Sun Jan 5 16:33:41 MET 2003

homepage: http://www.saldusatlets.yo.lv

Тяжолая атлетика -weightlifting in russian

eva <monoms@tvnet.lv> - Sun Jan 5 10:48:56 MET 2003


hey Tompie,

Ik vind je website nog steeds super de max:) Blijf zeker zo voort doen en je bent een leuke , lief , sportief (maar nog altijd even klein) ventje.

ps leuk om contact met je te houden

dikke kus

Kim <kerkhofkim@hotmail.com> - Fri Jan 3 11:36:15 MET 2003


Leuk je weer gezien te hebben!!!!!!!

Liefs, Teresa

Teresa from Holland <teresavdse@hotmail.com> - Mon Dec 30 16:30:16 MET 2002


Hi Tom!!! I just want to say you that weightlifting in latvian - svarcelšana.

Eva <pita@one.lv> - Sun Dec 29 14:00:33 MET 2002


Hi, Tom!!! I've just seen your page, it's just great!!!!

Jane(you took picture with us in Warsaw) Latvia <janestar@inbox.lv> - Tue Dec 24 12:37:35 MET 2002



i've just seen a photos from warsaw... :)

yes, you have a lot of fun... (disco):)

polish road... no comment... i know it was very hard time...



bebok666 Poland <bebok666@wp.pl> - Sun Dec 15 01:21:02 MET 2002


Hi Tom!!!

Your hompepage is really great!!!Please always remember your friends and never mind that you are the best friend and she likes you!(I hope that you know about wich girl I speak...)

Have a nice day!!!

Eva from Latvia <pita@one.lv> - Wed Dec 4 12:04:27 MET 2002


Hi Tom!

Thanks for visiting my site, that is, Latvian Weightlifting Federation.

You have nice web site. Nice to find out something more about weightlifting also in Western Europeand especially in Belgium, because before I had no information about weightlifting there.

The internet is really good way to develop information on weightlifting.

Good luck!

Greetings from Latvia


Maris Andzans from Latvia <maris.a@one.lv> - Sun Dec 1 21:48:07 MET 2002

homepage: http://www.lsf.2000.lv


Hi tom, thats me again. Marc. I have a new info for u. Weightlifting in russia calls: tjascholaja athletika. To know That is the big advantage of an "east-german" lifter ;-)

Marc Huster from good old Germany <huster@weightlifting.de> - Sun Dec 1 19:27:49 MET 2002


Hi Tom, this is Marc (Marc Huster). Thank u for your email. Really nice pictures. Your website is nice as well. I hope u r fine and your back is getting better. I startet my study last thursday. Time will tell whether i can take it. Was good to see u again while the worlds. Ok, take care and have fun. C u Marc

Marc Huster (Germany) <huster@weightlifting.de> - Sun Dec 1 18:40:53 MET 2002

homepage: http://www.marc-huster.de


I would like to see more weightlifters and powerlifters in Belgium and your site is really a meeting place, source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in lifting. More sites likes yours would help to boost our sport. Thank you for the work you've put in it!

Marc Roelands <Marc.Roelands@rug.ac.be> - Fri Nov 29 16:10:44 MET 2002


Hello Tom and all guests of your e-home!

We had nice time in Poland, didn't we?!

I am safely back to Finland and it is nice to be home again.

It is -11C and there is snow all over in my town. So much different

than in Warsaw.

It is hard to understand that I never lift again, but it

is more rough to see it happen to the best friend. Tom, I really am sorry that you couldn't lift in Warsaw. It must have been weird. But as we know - weightlifing is not only lifting. It is a philosophy with understanding the power of human mind and body, fighting against limits which these two sets and combination of lonely hard work at the gym and the joy of being together with the international weightlifting family again.

Weightlifting is more. Who did not enjoy when Mingjuan Wang (CHN, women 48kg) snatched WR 92.5 kg or when Dionisio Rozalina (NED) danced to Agata =) with his personally style?? I just wanted to remind you my dear friend that weightlifting gave us much and will do it in future still.

Greetings to all my friends in Belgium and all over!

See you soon!

Kari Kinnunen, FINLAND <kari@punttipojat.fi> - Thu Nov 28 20:49:20 MET 2002

homepage: http://kari.sitefactory.fi



our sweet little:) Agatka is World Championship!!!!!!!!!!

what a beautifull finish of women's WCH



ps. when new pics?

bebok666 Poland <bebok666@wp.pl> - Mon Nov 25 14:04:04 MET 2002

you heard about A.Klejnowska i D.Misterska...

S***! I'm relly pissed off...



bebok666 Poland <bebok666@wp.pl> - Tue Nov 19 13:49:04 MET 2002


Salut Tom, Je suis très très impressionnée par le site que tu as mis en place !!!

Je constate toutefois, qu'il ne mentionne pas d'haltérophile Français !!!!

Bonne continuation

*Gros bisous*

admiratrices anonymes..........

calvet marine et Diane france Frejus Cote d'azur <calvet.jo@wanadoo.fr> - Mon Nov 18 20:37:02 MET 2002



Goed dat er toch nog iemand hem bezig houdt met het maken van websites over het gewichtheffen.

Tis een prachtige site.

Misschien kun je dan later ook nog de links van de clubs en eventueel de emailadressen van de verschillende clubs er op plaatsten.



Glenn from krachtsport Waregem Belgium <glenn.vanthuyne@skynet.be> - Sun Nov 3 15:12:01 MET 2002

homepage: http://www.glenntje.tk


Hi sweet Tommie,

sorry for not signing your guestbook immediately, it's a very nice website with a lot of nice pictures, especially the picture........

Because of your website I discoverd that the federation of Holland has a website too! Thanks

Hope to see you soon! Take care of your back!

Many greetings and a big kiss, Teresa

Teresa from Holland <teresavdse@hotmail.com> - Tue Oct 29 15:18:13 MET 2002


'k Heb je site gevonden via google, dus dat werkt precies.

'k Ga eens iets in dat boekske hier schrijven... Maar wat hé?

Zal er eens over nadenken.

Loef from Belgium <luc.lammens@pandora.be> - Sun Oct 27 17:42:07 MET 2002

homepage: http://hebergeen.be


Geetings from Austria. Have a nice day

Mario Austria <mario_hagen@aon.at> - Thu Oct 24 00:35:54 MEST 2002

homepage: http://www.erato.at


hi tom,

congratulations!!! This is a famous web-page. I would like to send you some greetings. have a nice time, see you the next competition in Hostenbach!!!


Peter Schorr (Germany) <schorrpitt@uni.de> - Mon Oct 21 12:53:49 MEST 2002


Dear Tom,

gratulation for your phantastic homepage!

And also the information about Belgium Weightlifting federation is very good.

Personally you are sucessfull in weigthlifting and in your profession and therefore you are a big model.

I remember many fights in different international championships (WC and EC) especially you get the medals 1998 from the European-Union in Innsbruck.

All the best for your future!

Gerhard Peya

Gerhard PEYA, Austria <gerhard.peya@fw.oebb.at> - Tue Oct 15 13:27:01 MEST 2002

homepage: http://www.gewichtheben.net



i'm really sorry... i forget to say: thank you for the photos of A.K...

i've send some maybe you haven't it yet...


bebok666 poland <bebok666@wp.pl> - Mon Oct 14 12:18:11 MEST 2002

Hei Tomppa!!

I read your e-mail today, thanks!!!it was a nice surprise!!and you really have fine pages, i dont know what to say...!

My mom is visiting Helsinki and we watched your photos together, you are so sweet! well, my mama thinks so...;) she sends lots of warm greetings!

Take care Tom, ill write u soon.

Love Salla XXX

Salla from Finlandia <salli@hotmail.com> - Sat Oct 12 14:08:05 MEST 2002


Met de inzet voor deze website en je behaalde resultaten belicht je een pad dat in onze contreien nog vaak te weinig gekend is. Proficiat Tom en veel succes in de toekomst!

Gil Vandevlede <Gil.Vandevelde@village.uunet.be> - Wed Oct 9 00:55:37 MEST 2002

homepage: http://home.tiscalinet.be/honingbij



i checked all updates and i haven't seen any new photos of polish lifters(famale of course:))))))... do u want to make my MAAAAD?!!! ;)


ps more photo's of A. Klejnowska PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

bebok666 poland <bebok666@wp.pl> - Sun Oct 6 23:41:19 MEST 2002


bardzo fajno strona jo sie tak mysla czymu w polsce takich niy mo...


could you show more photos of polish lifters(woman of corse! :)))))

or if please send me by e-mail


PS. more picts of A. Klejnowska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bebok666 poland <bebok666@wp.pl> - Fri Oct 4 01:18:13 MEST 2002


Thanks Elli.

I appreciate your friendship a lot.

I'll try to make it possible to see the Greek characters on my guestbook.

..but I guess it was something sweet :-)

Tom Goegebuer (webmaster) <tom.goegebuer@yucom.be> - Wed Oct 2 23:09:06 MEST 2002



Remeber that you might be a great lifter..

But.. You are also a great friend..

? ?????, ????? ?????????? ????? ??? ??? ??? ?????!

???? GREECE <elina27@freemail.gr> - Wed Oct 2 22:51:52 MEST 2002


Zalige website met leuke fotootjes. Misschien nog wat meer fotootjes van jezelf tijdens wedstrijden erop zetten, is altijd wel leuk. Nog veel succes verder en hopen dat alles goed met je blijft gaan ;);)



kim <kerkhofkim@hotmail.com> - Mon Sep 23 21:49:01 MEST 2002


Hey Man... het HTMellen gaat u al goe af ! Keep up the good work... It's the final countdown....niet te doen...

De greetz en Keep on lifting !

Steffie AKA The Yeti.

Steffie <iconoclasm666@hotmail.com> - Wed Sep 18 17:35:55 MEST 2002



als je gastenboek werkt kan jedit dus lezen.

je site is goed in elkaar gestoken. er zouden misschien wat meer foto's in mogen.

bv. van jezelf op wedstrijd,....

wat ook origineel zou zijn is misschien wat filmkes erbij zetten



olav <olav.denul@pandora.be> - Thu Sep 12 19:08:11 MEST 2002

homepage: http://asl.to/rampo



So I started my guestbook today.

Feel free to post your comments or greetings.

And remember it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice (Scooter)

Greetings to you all


Tom Goegebuer <tom.goegebuer@yucom.be> - Sun Sep 8 15:58:32 MEST 2002

homepage: http://users.pandora.be/tom.goegebuer