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News Archive.

27/06/2012: Tom Goegebuer at the Olympics:

Tom Goegebuer will compete in his second Olympic Games. He will most likely lift in the B-group session of the -56kg class on 29th of June.
In the 2008 Beijing  Olympic games he finished 13th with a 114+137=251 kg result. Goal is to do better.

11/04/2012: European championships 2012 (Antalya Turkey)
The European Championships weightlifting in Turkey are Tom’s 14th consecutive European’s. This year Tom was not fighting for the medals in 56kg class. He decided to lift in 62kg class in order to have an ideal preparation for the Olympics in July. Finishing 8th place in European Championships in -62kg, was not bad after all, but still a pity that a fever disturbed the important training weeks. Otherwise a better total then 264kg would have been certainly possible!

- November 2011: World Senior championships 2011 (Paris-France)
He competed in 56kg class and finished 14th. Despite being in a very good shape, Tom couldn’t total what he had aimed for.  He lost the balance with his second snatch of 115 kg and had to do correct in the third attempt. A pitty, a new PB off 117 would have been the goal otherwise. The clean and Jerk went fine till 139 kg, but he missed the last attempt with 141 kg (a new national record) so in the total he equalled his best of 254kg. This was also the second time that he made the Belgian limit for the 2012 Olympics.
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