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Thesis text (far from final, in pdf)

  1. Chapter I: proxies

Papers i use

Caching voor transcoding-enabled proxies


My name is Tom Monnier, im a student at the University of Hasselt, Belgium. The subject of this website is my Master thesis.

Thesis information

Promotor: Wim Lamotte

Begeleider int tengels: Maarten Wijnants

Thesis description: Caching is a technique that is commonly used for years for speeding up the transportation of web content (eg. pictures, html pages) to end users. By caching content on a proxy close to end-users and providing the content from this location, start-up delays for the end-user can be decreased dramatically. The content doesn't has to be retrieved from the origin server (which might be located somewhere deep in the network), but can be transferred directly from the proxy server. Lower start-up delays in general lead to higher user satisfaction. A second advantage of proxy caching is decreased network traffic towards the origin server. Less network traffic means lower costs for the content supplier.

In recent years there's a huge uprising of mobile devices. These devices have many different charasteristics compared to standard desktop computers. PDA's for example have a smaller display. A consequence of this, is that content that is appropriate for a PC isn't suited for display on such a mobile device.

There are 2 possible approaches to solve this problem.

  1. The content provider, offers different versions of the same content. This however makes content management problematic.
  2. A more flexible approach would exists in that the content provider offers 1 version of the content, and the content is transformed in the network to a more suiting format. This transformation could be done at the caching proxy. A proxy could for example transform a full-resulotion image to a lower resolution for display on a mobile device.

The objective of this thesis is to hold a literature study involving caching at proxies. For this purpose widely used caching algorithms will be studied, as well as the the combination of transcoding and caching. Equipping proxies with transcoders provides new possibilities involving content distribution. Are existing populair caching algorithms still efficient when proxy transcoding is enabled? Another part of the thesis is implementing and setting-up a proxy server (making use of the netfilter/iptables framework) and equipping it with a number of (elementary) transcoding functionalities.