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Euphoria is a fast, interpreted programming language for different platforms (DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD). One of the major differences with other programming languages is the whole Euphoria Community spirit. On the official Euphoria website (, you can find a page with recent contributions (Euphoria-programs and -libraries, contributed by other Euphoria-programmers), an archive, and a mailing list.

In the Euphoria-section of tommy online, you can find programs and libraries I've created with Euphoria.

general libraries
Some libraries I've created, that each serve a general purpose.
EuControls are custom controls for Win32Lib, using the EuControls-library.
The Euphoria-implementation of SMEL. Also see the SMEL-section of tommy online.

I've also created a syntax-file for TextPad: euphoria.syn (10 kB). It has all the keywords for Euphoria 2.5, EDS and Win32Lib 0.60.6. 6 types of keywords are used: Euphoria keywords, builtin routines, library-routines, EDS database-routines, Win32Lib-routines and Win32Lib-constants. Each type can be assigned a different color.

24 October 2006
Updated Kanarie Template System to version 1.8b: fixed a bug that caused a memory leak.
10 September 2006
Added Tommy's I/O Library.
Updated Kanarie Template System to version 1.8: added support to load a template from a sequence.
17 November 2005
Updated Win32Dib to version 0.5.3: fixed a bug.
17 October 2005
Updated FreeDib to version 0.1.1: completely rewritten, removed dependency on Euphoria FreeImage wrapper and uses the latest version of FreeImage.
Saturday 3 September 2005
Updated Kanarie Template System to version 1.7c: fixed a bug + included a 'Powered by KTS' image.
Saturday 20 August 2005
Update Win32Dib to version 0.5.2: fixed a bug.
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