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general libraries

Kanarie Template System Library 1.8b
KTS is a mechanism to generate text-based content (HTML, XML, CSV, ...) from data, via templates. It can be used on a webserver running a Euphoria-application. You could read data from a database, and send it to the webclient (browser) in different formats, using different templates (like HTML, XML, CSV, ...). (30.4 kB)
Win32Dib 0.5.3
Fast bitmap manipulation (24-bit graphics) for Win32Lib-applications. You need Win32Lib (>= version 0.60) to use this library. (73 kB)
FreeDib 0.1.1
This library links FreeImage to Win32Dib, so you can load bitmaps from different fileformats, like JPEG and PNG. (522 kB)
Tommy's I/O Library 1.0
Provides I/O abstractions for reading and writing binary and text data. (14.4 kB)
Tommy's Unicode Library 1.2
Enables you to read and write Unicode-files. You can read files in UTF-8, UTF-16 Little Endian and UTF-16 Big Endian. You can write files in UTF-8 and UTF-16 Little Endian. (7.16 kB)
Euphoria Serialization Library 1.1
Allows you to serialize and deserialize sequences. Serializing is turning a sequence into bytes, and deserializing is re-creating the sequence from these bytes. (4.11 kB)
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