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You'll find Asian recipes, Turkish and Iranian dishes, hot food, strange ingredients and info on stuff you didn't think was eatable in the first place !
You can read our report on Iranian food : I sent it when we just returned from our second trip through Iran in 2002.
More info about that trip on our Turkey Iran Tour 2002 pages !
And check our Japan Food pages for more info and links as well...

ABC of Arabic Cuisine
Babah Ganoush, Makloubeh, Muhalabiyyah, Sumac, Zattar...
after visiting this site they're no mystery for you anymore !

Adventures in Thai food and travel
Learn all about Thai cuisine with Kasma !

It's in Turkish, but just follow your tastebuds and you'll find what you need !

Airline Meals
Who said you can't have good food with your seat upright in mid-air !?

Beer Collection
How about a beer to go with all this ?!

Belgian Endive
We call it 'witloof' and it's just delicious...

Chinese recipes
Dim sum, tea, even fatfree and vegetarian recipes here !

For those who live to eat... check out the message boards !

CookBook Wizard
Over 47.000 recipes listed !

Cook's Thesaurus
Very detailed database complete with photos and explanation... don't miss this !

Culinary Culture of Turkey
A history of Turkish and Ottoman food, together with some sample recipes...

Cyber Kuali
The food archives at The Star Online, Malaysia's leading newspaper...

Delicious India
Recipes and tips on Indian cookery...

Diana's Gourmet Corner
More links to international recipes !

Durian Online
Excellent page, but it does stink... like it or not !

Fabulous Foods
Looks useful and tasty, so go for it !

Food Down Under
Huge database with recipes from all over the world !

Food Lexicon
The ultimate food-terms dictionary !

Food Lover's Glossary of Culinary Terms
Looking for a kitchen term ? It's all here, from 'a la minute' till 'zuppa inglese'...

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
Everything about herbs and spices... in over 40 languages... excellent site !

Herbs and spices in Thai cuisine
Learn about makroot, prik, nam pla,...

Hottest sauces in the world
If you think Tabasco is hot,... better stick with the milk and cookies !!

I Love Pasta
More original pasta recipes !

Indian Foods Co
Making the cuisine of India yours...

Iranian-Persian Recipes
How about some 'ghormeh sabzi' tonight ?!

Japanese Food
Popular dishes, table manners and lots of recipes !

John's Vegetarian Recipes & Information
Who needs meat anyway ?!

Kikkoman Cookbook
A collection of tasty dishes featuring soy sauce...

Kookse TV
Recipe database with video...

Lekker van bij ons
A video database of Belgian delicacies...

Malaysian recipes
Try the 'Malaysian Food Search Engine' !

Marilee's International Food Links
From Afghanistan to Vietnam... and do check the other continents as well !

Mimi's CyberKitchen
Lots of recipes and useful information...

Nature Recipes
Herbs, roots, insects, mushrooms,... yummy !

Pasta Recipes
Enjoy the best of Italian cuisine...

Persian Mirror
Online magazine with lots of Persian recipes...

Persian Recipes
Mmmmmh, biryani, khoresht ghaimeh, dolmeh-e baadenjan,....

Recipe Archives
From appetizers to desserts...

Recipe Source
The new home of SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) : success guaranteed !

Rice Vegetarian Club
Tested & approved vegetarian dishes !

Shrimp Recipes
Only if you like shrimp... but don't we all ?

More than 60.000 searchable recipes (in Dutch)...

Soup, soup, soup,... beautiful soup !

Sufi Cookbook
Recipes, essays and anecdotes on the historic and contemporary role of food, cooking, meals and hospitality in Sufism, the mystical tradition of Islam...

Tammy's Recipe Pages
Start cooking !

The world's largest directory to wineries, breweries, and distilleries...

Learn Thai cooking !

Tofu Recipes
What's not to like about tofu !?

Turkish Cuisine
Burak's overview of the finest and most famous of Turkish foods...

Vegan Family
From soups to chocolate bars, seaweed to tofu... and lots of vegan links !

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