Ayse & Jan's Travelspot - Turkey Iran Tour 2002

From April till the end of July 2002 we travelled through Turkey and Iran in a Volvo V40 together with our kids.
These pages intend to give an impression of what we saw, what we experienced and what we felt during this trip.
I suggest you first take a look at our itinerary and the maps. And why not read the reports we sent while travelling ? That should give you a pretty good idea of our experiences. Also check the 'on the road' page if you want to know more about driving conditions in Turkey and Iran - and travelling in general - before continuing to the photo pages.
It is not our intention to give a full and very detailed report of our trip, that would be almost impossible. So if you need to know anything in particular, just ask and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

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On each page you will be able to enjoy photos of both Turkey and Iran - in no particular order - together with a short intro.
There are about 270 photos online.

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