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Finding your way in a bazaar is almost always a hassle, but it is so exciting to just stroll along those narrow alleys and streets, seeing noisy shopkeepers selling their goods... it is NEVER boring and always very lively. The covered bazaars also offer a welcome hidingplace for the hot scorching sun outside. The kids didn't really like it in the bazaar, too dark and crowded for them. And it is difficult if you have a 'buggy' with you : some streets are just too narrow to pass ! Shouting 'Ya Allah' or 'Ya Ali' all the time - like the porters do - wasn't really a solution :-) It seemed to us that the Iranian bazaars have somewhat wider alleys than their Turkish counterparts. The bazaar in Urfa was really nice and crowded. My favourite bazaar is the one in Tabriz, said to be the oldest vaulted bazaar in Iran.
The 2 pics above were taken in Urfa on a rainy day in the bazaar. We had 'domatesli kebap' in a very small eatery, right across this bakery. Together with some ayran it was a delicious meal. That evening I had cig kofte and I guess that upset my stomach a bit. Luckily the kids ate lahmacun instead, so no problems there...
We strolled along the Tabrizi bazaar for quite a while and did some last minute shopping, until we got completely lost. We had to ask for directions to get back on the street again :-)

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