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Turkey is a real goldmine when it comes to ancient cities, archaeological finds and excavations. See the wonders of Anatolian civilisations in the Ankara Medeniyet Muzesi. And why not feast your eyes on the truly marvelous collections in the Virtual Museums of Turkey ?
For an overview of museums in Turkey, visit the Turkish Ministery of Culture and Tourism.
Other interesting links : Interactive Museum of Turkey - Archaeological settlements of Turkey.

For an overview of museums in Iran, visit Caroun.
You should definitely visit the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organisation for more details on Iran's rich past.

In Sagalassos - a breathtaking Pisidian city near the village of Aglasun - a Belgian team of archaeologists is working the better part of the year and lots of parts are still to be examined and categorized. When we were there (early May 2002) the place was still completely empty, only a guard was present to sell us a ticket. He opened up the library for me as well, too bad it was a bit dark in there to take any photos. If you should visit, just go and sit in that huge theatre and enjoy the fantastic scenery and the silence ! Make sure to visit www.sagalassos.be.
The Archaeology Museum in Antakya houses one of the richest collections of Roman mosaics in the world. Most of the mosaics have been found near Harbiye, just outside Antakya or Antioch as it was known in biblical times.
They also have the Sarcophagus of Antioch on display and even without a flash I still managed to get some good detailshots of this marble masterpiece. You've got to see this museum !
Now I'm not a big 'museum-fan' myself, but visiting the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara is a real MUST ! Included in its priceless collection are Paleolithic, Neolithic, Hatti, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, Persian, Greek and Roman artifacts. It ranges from cute statues to very large rock carvings. Lots of stuff comes from archaeological sites in Ankara itself, but also from places like Hattusas, Alacahoyuk, Bogazkale, Catalhoyuk,...
For an overview of ancient cities, visit the Turkish Ministery of Culture.

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