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Our longest drive was from Yazd to Mashhad. According to our Gita Shenasi map of Iran, it should have been more than 1300kms, in reality it was 'only' about 950kms.
The road goes straight through the outskirts of the Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e Lut deserts. A very long and lonely drive and although the scenery is always changing, it tends to get a bit boring after a while. We stayed overnight in Tabas first. Tabas is only about 380kms from Yazd and the road is very good. You will need to take supplies and get a full tank of 'gasoil' in Yazd because there is absolutely nothing till Tabas. We drove on the next morning through Ferdows to Mashhad. During those 570kms the airco was constantly on and we only stopped for lunch - fesenjan ! - in Torbat.
The 4 pictures above were taken in Yazd, from the roof of the Amir Chakhmaqh Mosque. You have a wonderful view over the city and you can see all the mud brick houses and the 'badghirs' or windtowers for which Yazd is famous.

We didn't get to see any camels although the roadsigns on the Tabas-Mashhad road warned us to be careful... but we came across many of them just walking around in the heat, next to the road or in the distance around Maraveh Tappeh (near Turkmenistan-border).

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