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I seem to have forgotten a lot of names : no wonder, we've seen so many mosques during this trip ! If you need more info on Turkish mosques or religious monuments in general, visit the Turkish Ministery of Culture and Tourism.
Pictures of mosques around the world can be found in the gallery at Moskeen.dk.

If you have more questions about mosques in Iran, check Wikipedia.

I was most amazed by the gorgeous views from the roof of the Sultan Isa Medresesi in Mardin and I felt very lucky that the caretaker opened up some of the doors for me. And it was certainly a great experience to visit the Ulu Cami in Eski Malatya and to see all the old men getting ready for their prayers in this well preserved mosque.

Climbing on the roof of the Sultan Isa Medresesi was a tremendous experience. The view over the Mesopotamian planes is unforgettable. As far as the eye can see, all the way to Syria... and it was so quiet up there, even the pigeons seemed to be amazed by it.
We spent a lot of time just hanging around the Meidun-e Emam in Esfahan. The Emam Mosque is a breathtaking sample of Safavid art : every corner reveals another part of its beauty. Don't forget to visit the beautiful Sheik Lotfollah mosque, built by Shah Abbas I between 1602 and 1619. It is certainly an exceptional example of Persian craftmanship. The tiles of the dome change color from cream to pink depending on the light. And although the inside is pretty dark, you'll be able to see the wonderfully decorated walls and dome.

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