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Historical places... now that's a tough one : Turkey as well as Iran are top ranking countries when it comes to history. Visiting gorgeous Ottoman houses, restored hamams, wonderfully located palaces, remote churches, monasteries and mosques, crossing ancient bridges, discovering foundations of long gone civilizations... it never gets boring !
Seeing all this puts everything in perspective.
Read more about historical places in Turkey at All About Turkey.
General information about Turkish culture can be found at the Turkish Cultural Foundation.

You should definitely visit the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organisation for more details on Iran's rich past.

The Isak Pasha Palace in Dogubeyazit is one of my favourite places in Turkey. The view over the valley and the mighty Mount Ararat is just tremendous. The place looks more like a fortress than a palace. It dates back to the 17th-century and was constructed by Isak Pasha, then gouvernor of the area.
It's a thrilling experience to walk around, discovering all the beautiful corners and views this palace has to offer, while trying to imagine what a lively place this must have been all those years ago.

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