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Last April we visited one of the villages near Babakale-Ayvacik. We had reached the village without knowing that there would be a wedding the next day. All the villagers were kind enough to invite us, so we went back the day after.
Well, I must say I have never seen a more colourful wedding before, that's for sure !
By the time we got there, all the women of the village were waiting for the bride and groom to show up. It was really fun to just walk around in the village and see these women sitting in the shade, some of them wearing their local shiny coats.
The girl's house was decorated with all the things from her dowry : scarves, embroidery, carpets, kilims,...
While the women started dancing - there was live music - the men were at the other end of the village entertaining themselves. As soon as the groom had his last 'bachelor-shave' the musicians came to the village square and entertained the crowd. Some of them had been drinking a little too much raki. This - together with the scorching sun - didn't do their 'musical capabilities' any good :-)
Finally the groom showed up to come and get his wife-to-be from her parents' house. He arrived in a shiny car, although he only lived a few hundred meters away.
The bride left her parents' house under loud music and singing. All the women applauded and everybody was looking at the bride. She first danced alone with a few other women and then the groom joined them. In the end they finally danced together for a while and everyone started hanging money around the groom's neck and on his slick costume. We left the village late afternoon, but the party hadn't finished then, it probably continued deep into the night. May they have a happy and prosperous marriage !
Bin kere mashallah !

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