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These travel links are divided into different categories : first travel- as well as photography-related links to the countries we've visited, second are links to homepages of world travellers and the last category offers general travel info.

China Iran Japan - links only on Japan pages ! Laos Malaysia Pakistan Thailand Turkey
World Travellers
Useful travel info

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Asia Photo Gallery
Fantastic pictures - check out the Xinjiang page !

Central Asia Travel
Eco-tourism in Central Asia...

Tandem to Turkestan
A bike ride across Central Asia...

Traditional Uighur Dances
Info and more Uighur links...

Uighur Language
Learn some words and phrases before you go there...
East Turkistan Information Center...

Xinjiang China Links
Lots of useful Xinjiang links here...

Xinjiang Picture Gallery
One sixth of China, mostly sand,... but great photos !

World Travellers
Don't forget to check this section further down for more China travellers !



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BamJam's pictures of Iran
Informative site with lots of photos...

Iran Air
Flight info as well as touristic information...

Iran, country of the nobles
A very thorough introduction to Iran... don't miss it !

Iranian Cultural & Information Center
A wealth of very useful information...

Lovely images of the different provinces...

Iranian Cultural Heritage Organisation
Read and learn about Iran's rich past - excellent site !

Iranian Search Engine...

Iran Travel Guide
Updated with the tale of Pierre's most recent trip to Iran...

Iran - UAE - Oman Tour 2002-2003
On the road with Klaas & José...

Iran Travel Information & Links
Tons of links and pics...

History, culture, people, geography, nature, photos, maps, travel info,...

Karsten in Iran
Summary of a trip to Iran in October 2000...

Michele Falzone's Iran gallery
Very colourful images from around the country... wonderful photos !

Iranian travel source with lots of good links...

Travelling in Iran... what's it all about ?

Turkey Iran Tour 2002
More links on our own mini-site about our latest trip to Iran !

Wieland's Iran photos
Wonderful images from the Turkmen area...

World Travellers
Don't forget to check this section further down for more Iran travellers !



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Akihito's Laos Page
Visit my friend Aki's homepage on Laos !

Bernhard's Laos Pages
Travelogues and excellent photos... updated now with pics of Cambodia as well !

Lao Airlines
Flight schedules and general info...

Need more info on Laos ?! You'll find it here...

Laos Picture Gallery
Beautiful photos, divided into different categories.

Laos Info
An excellent site (English-French) with the most wonderful photos I've seen so far !

Laos WWW Virtual Library
Get all the latest news on Laos !

Lao Travels
For people going to Laos as well as for travellers who've already been there...

Mekong Express
The ultimate navigation point for the Greater Mekong Subregion :
China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia,...

Pictures of Laos
This site contains lots of beautiful pictures !

Visit Laos
This site provides the answer to all your questions !

Stefan's Laos Gallery
Siamese Dreams... with pics of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam,...

Visit Mekong
The official website for travel in the Greater Mekong subregion...

World Travellers
Don't forget to check this section further down for more Laos travellers !



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Ady's Malaysia Links
More links, also extra info on Penang and Sarawak...

Visiting this fascinating country should start here...

Malaysia Airlines
Book your flight online !

Malaysia Truly Asia
The official Tourism Malaysia homepage... also available in Dutch...

World Travellers
Don't forget to check this section further down for more Malaysia travellers !



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Great Pakistan
Dan's cycling, biking and travel tips & pics...

Karakoram Highway and Beyond
An online guide for cyclists, explorers and other heros...

Naveed's Tour of Pakistan
Lots of Pakistani links...

Pakistan International Airlines
PIA's flight schedules, domestic fares, bookings,...
The Official Pakistani Portal...

Pakistan Photo Gallery
Interesting collection of photos...

Pakistan Tourism
Official site by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation...

Pakistan Travel Forum
For all your questions about travelling through Pakistan...

Silk Road Photography
Wee Keng Hor's beautiful pictures of Pakistan, Xinjiang,...

World Travellers
Don't forget to check this section further down for more Pakistan travellers !



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Discovery Thailand
Find out all there is to know about Thailand...

Hilltribe-Internet Cyberkitchen
The smallest cybercafe worldwide located in the north of Thailand !

Pia & Tom's Travel Guide
Very informative site in English and Dutch...

Thai Airways International
Flight schedules, online booking and general info...

Thailand Photo Album
Beautiful pictures from almost every city in Thailand...

Thailand Travel Stories
Read more Thailand travel experiences here at

Thai World View
Info on society, culture, tourism,...

Tourism Authority of Thailand
They provide all the answers...with a smile !

Welcome to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai
A must if you're travelling to the north of Thailand...

World Travellers
Don't forget to check this section further down for more Thailand travellers !



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Dot com to paradise...

About Turkey
Learn more about culture, food and traveling in Turkey...

Archeological map
Discover all the wonders of Turkey !

Atatürk International Airport
If you're flying to Istanbul, check out the airport first...

Explore Turkey
Photos, historical info, message board,... go for it !

Focus on Turkey
Cuisine, music, maps, travel, regions, hotels,...

Ihlara Valley
Read all about this great place in Cappadocia...

Istanbul City Guide
What to do and see when in Istanbul...

Istanbul Fast Ferry Co.
Schedules, fares, reservations,... for the Istanbul 'Deniz Otobüsleri'

Learning Practical Turkish
Great site, every imaginable info on the Turkish language is here...
even some Turkish Tongue Twisters in Real Audio !

Turkish delight in Holland (Dutch only)...

Online Turkish
Start learning Turkish today ! Free trial lessons available...

Learn Turkish from one of the best teachers and enjoy the numerous links...

SOTA Turkish World
Find out more about the Turkish/Turkic languages...
you'll be amazed !

Sunflowers Travel
Discover the other Turkey with this Dutch travel agency...

The Vagrant in Turkey
Beautiful pictures and good travelogue...

Travel group with lots of useful info...

Travel articles
Collection of various Turkey related travel articles...

Travels by boat
Sailing in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean...

Turkey Central
About 5000 links to city guides, tour operators, hotels, maps, travelogues,...

Turkey Iran Tour 2002
More links on our own mini-site about our latest trip to Turkey !

Turkey Travel Guide
Pierre Flener created another useful site here...

Turkey Travel Planner
Everything you won't find in the Lonely Planet... and it's by Tom Brosnahan !

Turkic Republics and Communities
A valuable resource for Turkic-Jewish history in Russia & Ukraine.
Ever heard of Chuvashistan, Daghestan, Khazaria,... ?

Turkije Plein
Dutch portal site about all things Turkish...

Turkish Airlines
Why wait ? Book online !

Turkish Cultural Foundation
Lots of interesting topics to choose - and learn - from !

Turkish Ministery of Culture
Actually, this is the ONLY site to know EVERYTHING about Turkey !

Turkish Ministery of Tourism
A necessary stop if you're looking for excellent info !

Turkish Odyssey
Said to be the first guidebook on Turkey ever written by a Turk...

Turkish Tour Guides
Enhance your visit with the expertise of a licenced tour guide, find the right one here !

Turkiye on the road
Wonderful photogalleries from all over Turkey !

Undiscovered Turkey
Discover Turkey on board of a yacht or gulet...

Visit Turkey now
Yes, why wait ? See for yourself what a wonderful place it is...

World Travellers
Don't forget to check the next section for more Turkey travellers !

World Travellers


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1 World 2 Travel
Walter's gateway to the world...

162 days in the East
A story about a journey through the Middle-East...

Akihito's Silk Road Page
See his pics from a fantastic trip through Europe and Central Asia...

Alfred's Galleries
High-quality pics of Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, India,... and lots more !

Asia for backpackers
Photos and info on Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam,...

Asia on the Matrix
Photos and info on the Himalayas, Bhutan, Singapore, Nepal, Tibet, Iran,...

Backpackers without Borders
Enjoy their 2001 Trek Around The World !

Backpacking in Asia
Seven and a half months from Istanbul to Perth...

Backpacking in Hellas
It began with the story of a 5-week backpacking trip in Greece...

Blurry Travel
Brian & Karen's reports from around the globe... come and join them !

Christophe's Travels
Travel pics from India, Morocco, Myanmar,...

Cycling the Himalaya
The endless sky trip... 3 cyclists in the Himalayas...

Discover Scandinavia
An active forum as well as photogalleries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland,...

Denise Rocco's Photography
Excellent photos of Mali, Kenya, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand,
Morocco, Fiji, the Amazon Rainforest,...

Dirk's Travel Photography
Pictures of India, Nepal, Ecuador,...

Doug Burnett's Travel Page
Read about Doug's travels in Iran, China, Myanmar, Syria, Jordan, India, Mexico,...

Doug's Travels
Exploring foreign countries & secluded places worldwide...

Eric & Joan's World Trip
A trip around the world... on a bicycle !

Euro-Asia Motorbiking Tour
443 days on the road... solo !

Frantisek's PhotoTravels
Travel photo gallery with beautiful images from around the world...

Hans Hendriksen Travel Photography
Join Hans as he travels around the world... nice photos !

Heart of the Silk Road
Tan Wee Cheng's travels in the Central Asian Republics of
Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Henk's Proframe Photography
Travel pics from Canada, India, Nepal, Egypt, Greece,...
Jon's travel pics of the Bahamas, Tunisia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden,...

Images from Asia
Felix's pictures from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal,...

Internet Travel Guides
Complete guides of Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Tibet, Sumatra,...

I Vacanzieri
Riccardo, Antonietta & Angelica travel the globe...

Jakub's Photographs
Impressions of Iran, Turkey, Syria, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Jordan,...

Jan Boonstra's Cycling Pages
Jan has cycled in 31 countries : Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan,...

Japan and Beyond
Read about life in Japan and travels in Asia...

Jay Dunn's Galleries
Images & reports from Myanmar, Japan, Korea, India, Laos, China,...

Kanato's Works
World traveller Kanato shows his pictures of
Japan, Silk Road, Tibet, Nepal, Laos,...

Koen's 1000 Travel Tips
Travel tips and personal impressions of SE-Asia, Middle East and Central America.

Landmine Expedition
A 15.000 mile journey across three continents to raise awareness of the problems
caused by landmines in the world's worst affected areas.

Magic Photo World
Join Peter and Yvonne on their trips through Europe and Asia...

Marcel's World
Through Africa in a VW Beetle, 90 days in Cambodia and
great stories of his travels in the Mekong region and Southern Africa !

Marco Cavallini's Travel Page
He's been to Vietnam, Cuba, Morocco, Patagonia, Bolivia, Myanmar, India,...

Marie's Travels
Read about her overland trip from Kathmandu to Damascus,... and much more !

Millennium Adventure
Around the world in a Mercedes SLK ? You've got to see this one !

Murray on the Silk Road
Join Muriel & Raymond on the Silk Road, along the Mekong, in South East Asia... cycling ? Sure !?

Nathou & Nono
A French couple's adventures in Turkey, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru,...

One year Africa
Maarten's stories and pictures of a one year journey through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania,
Malawi, Mozambique, South-Africa, Lesotho, Zambia,...

Nick & Peter's Passage to India
A trip to India in a 1967 Volvo Amazon Estate...

Nomad Travel Photography
Tewfic's fantastic photos of India, Morocco, Istanbul, Cairo...

Overland to Hong Kong
Neil's personal journal of his trip from London to Kowloon...

Palin's Travels
Join Michael Palin as he travels the world over and over again... and he gets paid for it as well : lucky bastard ! :-)

Paul's Travel Photography
Beautiful pictures of Turkey, Syria, Egypt,...

Globebiking around the world...

Petit Bout du Monde
Six crazy Frenchmen, an old van, 2 bicycles... en route from Paris to Beijing !

Peter's Travel Images
Pics of India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia...

Phil and Olivier's Around The Worlds
Travelogues and photos of Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Thailand,...

Photography Klaus Kubelka
Travel images and information on USA, South Africa, Australia, Hongkong, Bangkok, Sydney,...

Places of Peace and Power
Martin takes us on an pilgrimage around the world... wonderful !

Postcards from Hell
Rafaelle Ciriello's amazing photographs of war/conflict areas... must see !

Riccardo & Emanuela's 'viaggi'
Beautifully designed site with photos from trips through Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Bali, Thailand,...

Richard's TravelSnapz
Travel the world for just a few clicks : Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Italy,...

Rupert's travels in Asia
A travelogue through Poland, Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and Nepal.

Setki's Travelpage
Thailand, China, Guatemala, Honduras, Botswana, India,...

Shawn & Yasuko's SE Asian adventures
Travel through SE Asia with them and enjoy...

South East Asia Diary
Impressions of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand - excellent site !

Steve Bougerolle's Travel Page
Pics and travelogues of China, Pakistan, SE-Asia, Middle-East and Africa...

TallaBomba's Bicycle Tour
Excellent photos, maps, travelogues,... from his Europe to Asia bike trip(s)...
Follow Claire across Central Asia in aid of a children's foundation and an orphanage !

Tommy Photo
Lovely pictures of Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, Taiwan, Spain, Portugal,...

Trails of Life
Ben's travel reports from Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya,...

Trans-Siberian Railroad Page
Travelling by train... what an adventure !

Makoto's wonderful - but freaky ! - photos from Japan, Turkey, Cuba, Guatemala,...
Great design !
The best travelogues on the web...

Travelling Asia
Enjoy Annelies' pictures and tales of her trip through China, Singapore,
Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India,...

Travel Photography Online
Laurenz shares his pics of Australia, Chili, India, Nepal, Japan,...

Travels with Kathleen & Christian
Overland trip from Hong Kong to Brussels in a 4x4...

Travel the World
Danielle's pics and stories of Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Morocco, Jamaica, Gambia,...

Tsunami Bay Gallery
Matjaz's photos of an overland trip from Europe to Asia.

Under My Sky
Edward's pics of Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar,... excellent photos !

Victor Wong's Travel Pics
Victor's pictures of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Alaska,...

Wee Keng Hor's Travel Page
Beautiful travel pics from around the world...

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Better than looking out of your window...

A guide to Asia
Traveling tips, history and culture, language, attractions and places of interest of Asian countries

Art Of Travel
How to see the world on 25USD or less...

Asian Historical Architecture
A very interesting photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage...

Getting there is half the fun !

Bed & Breakfast Guide
International b&b addresses...
The ultimate resource for the independent traveller...

Café Trip
Worldwide travel pictures, info & lots of links...

Cybercafés Search Engine
Search over 4000 cybercafés worldwide...

Dangerous Places
Traveling is fun, but you must be careful...

Embassy Network
If you are looking for country facts, travel, visa, culture, events,...
this is the place !

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
The only encyclopaedia for the Middle East and Africa...

European TravelWeb
Danielle's travelweb... hundreds of useful links to prepare your trip !

Everything you need to know !
It's all about independent budget traveling aka backpacking here !

Exchange Rates Converter
The best currency converter around !

Foreign Languages for Travelers
Don't be ignorant, communicate with people in their own language !

Online community of travel photographers...

Global Volunteer Network
Work as a volunteer in community projects in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand and Uganda.

Go Overland
The overland expedition resource : your overland trip starts here !

Help for world travelers
World guides on phones, tv, modems, electrical power, travel, etc...

Hiker Central
Portal to adventure, find anything for any outdoor sport or activity...
Links to more than 100,000 hotels, airports, travelsites, etc. worldwide !

House of Wonders
Looking for family-owned guesthouses worldwide ?

How far is it anyway ?
Calculate distances around the world...

International Airport Taxi Service... book your taxi online !

Pick a country... any country !

International Airport Guide
Interesting guide to major airports worldwide...

Internet Travel Information Service
Travellers' bulletinboard and lots of info on SE-Asia
and Eastern Europe here at ITIS.

A very useful travel search engine : find what you need !

Lonely Planet
If you're looking for updated information, go to the Thorn Tree !

Lost Luggage Tales
Travel the world and tell your tales : real stories from insane journeys !

Milesfaster World Travel Directory
Airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, destinations, travelsites,... it's all linked here !

For all your travel size items : minimum size, maximum convenience... as long as it fits in your backpack !

They have everything you can think of !

No shitting in the toilet !
Find out why we really travel...

One Bag
The art and science of travelling light...

The leading resource for adventure planning and recreation...

Sharpen your photography skills and post your pictures...

Sleep in airports ?
The budget traveller's guide to sleeping in airports !

The Odyssey
World trekking for service and education...

The Travel Forums
Ask other travellers anything...

Time and Date
What time is it in... ?

Tourism Offices Worldwide
Find the tourism office of your choice anywhere in the world !

Travel Health Online
Prepare yourself for a safe, healthy adventure...

Travel Images
Visit the Global Image Bank...

Travel Library
Heaven on earth for travellers... go see for yourself ! And enjoy the new lay-out (2005) !!

Travel Notes
Country info, travel articles, site reviews, links,...

Find the cheapest flights worldwide...

Universal Currency Converter
How much is your money worth across the world ?!
Also take a look at the postcard gallery...

Universal Packing List
Generate a custom packing list for any journey !

Vulcano's Trip Links
See where others have been and choose your next destination !

Where the world shares photos...

World Color TV & Voltage Map
What kind of plug do you actually need in Bhutan ?

World Factbook
Worldwide info provided by the CIA... so it's probably reliable !

World Surface
Sustainable tourism for backpackers and independent travellers...

World Travel Guides
Just click on the map and you're off...

World Wide Events
What's going on where and when in this world : events, holidays,...

You'll also find more info in these Usenet-newsgroups :
Traveling in Asia
Traveling in Africa
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