Old BMW patches for sale

I found these emblems on a flea market. They've probably been on some shelf for the past 25-30 years. I sell them for 9 US$ (or ) for a large one, and 4 for a small one. Club members get a discount. Please inquire.

The measurements of the emblems are indicated when you move your cursor over them. Click on the pictures to go to a larger scan.

Please keep in mind that these pictures are only scans, the colours are a lot more vivid in reality. All the emblems are new, some of the large "BMW" ones are a bit dirty. The one in the scan is a dirty one. Most of them look shiny new.

The pictures :

Mail me if you have any questions/orders. Remove the "removethis" from the address though. Remember that I do not have an endless supply of these things, the red wings are sold out already, and stock of the others is between 10 and 20 . I will not be able to get any new ones when these are gone. Postage to the US will be 6$ registered, 2$ unregistered. To Europe, probably cheaper. My e-mail address for ordering : stenella@removethis.yucom.be

Thank you for your visit, hope to see you on the /5 list !