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Super Famicom Reviews

16-bit, the golden age of classic gaming. Together with the MegaDrive, the Super Famicom is the host of many timeless classics.
While it's rival system mainly specialized in the shooter and sports genre's, the Super Famicom specialized in RPGs platformers and action/adventure games.
The knowledge and craftsmanship that had been assembled during the 8-bit era was being perfected in this new generation of games.

Magical Pop'n

NintendoDS Reviews

Many gamers keep saying that innovation is death, that the industry is being driven one cookie cutter sequel after another.
Yet when Nintendo came up with the most innovative system in years, many of these people blew it off as a gimmick or a panic reaction to counter the PSP.

Well, I don't care how they like to call the DS. For me personally the system brings back something that's been missing from my favorite hobby.
Remember how you used to dream about all the possibilities and great things that awaited you when you got a new game system in the past? Lately this seems to have been replaced with promises of better, more realistic graphics and little more.

It makes me glad to see not everybody is trying to copy what they see around them, and instead take a risk and try to create new ways to experience and enjoy games.

GameBoy Advance Reviews

The GameBoy Advance is seen by many haters as a cheap port system and Nintendo's cash-cow.
What these people completely ignore is the fact that there are many more original games on the system.
Many people yearn for classic games like they were made in the 16-bit age, including me.
Well, this is certainly a good place to start looking.
The system strong points are RPGs, tactical games, platformers and action games, but sadly besides a few exceptions, there aren't many shooters to be found for it.

Nintendo GameCube

While the GameCube has not been the definite Nintendo console which put them back on top in the console race. It does have a very nice collection of classics.

From classic franchises such as WaveRace, Zelda, Mario Golf and Mario Kart, to new twists on old concepts like Zelda: The Four Swords Adventure and Resident Evil 4.

And then there are the original series to which the GameCube gave birth: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Pikmin, Viewtiful Joe, Monkey Ball and Donkey Konga to name a few.