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nice site with great reviews...one to add to my bookmarks....jed
jed uk <me@homeintorquay.uk> - Sat Aug 19 00:42:26 CEST 2006

It's actually just the opposite for me, I've been playing much more these last couple of weeks/months then what I was used too.

Mainly due to the DS and the great retro games being released on the Japanese PS2. :)
Can't wait for Ibara. :D

Just noticed that many great little sites have ceased to exist or have been abandoned. :(
shootthecore, kiken, alamone, Click Stick, Beepraying.
meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Wed Dec 21 13:41:06 CET 2005

Hey, my old dreamcast site does still exist at the subdomain: http://dreamcast.saigoyume.com It's more or less the same as it was, with just a few minor alterations. But as you;ve already seen my focus as changed loads. I'm now doing lots of translations of japanese media. It's become so bad that I haven't touched a game in months....
aaron_yume <aaron_yume@yahoo.om> - Fri Nov 25 19:52:41 CET 2005
homepage: http://dreamcast.saigoyume.com

=)Thanks for the compliment Greng. The reason why I don't put up my regular email adress has to do with problems I had when starting up the site.
You can always write at the adress below, although I don't check the inbox on a regular basis. ;)

I like your site and would like to see where you take it. As it's very minimalistic right now. ;)

As for the PSP port of Princess Crown, sadly I don't have any real info as of yet.
The things I've read about it seem to make it out as a rather quick port.

Yume, I just visited your site and was very surprised. You really have taken it in a whole new direction.
I'll have to update my synopsis of it on my link page. ;) :)
meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Sun Nov 13 19:52:36 CET 2005
homepage: http://users.telenet.be/twin-dreams

Much respect for the site. This is the kind of coverage I wanted to provide in the first place with my own site (it got VERY streamlined along the way).

I wanted to email but you don't give your address...

Have you any news about the recent PSP remake/port of Princess Crown. I'd like this game for the Saturn ideally, but am curious about the quality of any port made to the PSP.

Thanks again :)
Greng <beattitudeforgains@greng.et> - Thu Nov 10 23:38:10 CET 2005
homepage: http://www.greng.net

yeah... some really nasty problems occured on my site when it was transfer onto new servers.. The problems are being sorted out but very slowly :(
aaron_yume <aaron_yume@yahoo.om> - Wed Nov 9 22:30:57 CET 2005

Hmmm, looks like the site is down Yume... :_(
meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Wed Nov 9 19:08:37 CET 2005

Hi Meppy,
I've finally opened up my new site, just thought I'd let you know. It's focus has changed a fair bit but part of my old dc site is still hanging around on one of my subdomains ^ ^;
aaron_yume <aaron_yume@yahoo.om> - Thu Nov 3 19:35:52 CET 2005
homepage: http://www.saigoyume.com

No problem, dude.
We all stand together.
The Wez <TheWez@GMail.om> - Wed Oct 5 06:44:46 CEST 2005
homepage: http://users.telenet.be/famicom/

Thanks again for the kind reply's. :)

The only regret I have is that I'm not able to update as much as I would like. :(
There will be future updates, I promise. Just can't say when they are comming...

Sure Yume, you can use the screenshots, it's your review after all. ;)

Wez, thanks for linking to my site, off course I haven't got any problems with that. ;p
meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Sun Sep 25 11:01:18 CEST 2005
homepage: http://users.telenet.be/twin-dreams

Yo den Andy,

Ik wou je even laten weten, dat mijn website af is, en omdat ik jouw site zo cool vind, ik een link op mijn website gezet heb naar deze site van jou.
Ik hoop da je het me niet kwalijk neemt :P.
Je kan dit altijd checken op:

See you later.
The Wez
Wesley Huylebroeck <TheWez@GMail.om> - Sat Sep 17 09:04:36 CEST 2005
homepage: http://users.telenet.be/famicom

Hi again Mepian,
Just wondering how you took screenshots for my princess Crown review and if i could borrow a few of them.
aaron_yume <aaron_yume@yahoo.om> - Wed Sep 14 17:08:19 CEST 2005
homepage: http://www.saigoyume.com

My god! So glad I found a link to this page over at the shmups.com forum. You certainly know how to please the eye, the site is gorgeous. Can't wait to start reading some reviews, but now I should try and get to sleep. Keep up the amazing work and enjoy old school goodness forever!
goldilox <funkrobot@hotmail.om> - Wed Aug 31 11:41:16 CEST 2005

Cheers mepian :)
I did make a temporary one using your current banner, but will change to the one youve made instead now.

My new site is starting to come along now, since my layout design is finished, but got a lot of content to add before it goes live.

Thanks again mate :)

aaron_yume <aaron_yume@yahoo.om> - Fri Aug 26 22:15:12 CEST 2005
homepage: http://www.saigoyume.com

No problem Yume. ;)

I've changed your link on the Links page and here is a banner I've just created.

Might do a couple more if you want. ;)

I'll also put it up on the links page, so you can check which one you like best if I put some more up. :)

meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Wed Aug 24 20:47:52 CEST 2005

Hi Mepian ;)
Got a couple of favours to ask of you.
1: could you change my link to: http://www.saigoyume.com (i'm working on a brand new site now i finally sucumbed to a getting PC)

2: Could you make me an affiliate banner that i can use to link back to twin-dreams. Size must be 160x40.

hope you dont mind mate.
aaron_yume <aaron_yume@yahoo.om> - Sat Aug 20 03:22:17 CEST 2005
homepage: http://www.saigoyume.com

For great memories!!!

Sincerely urs truly....
Brittany <battlebanana@hotmail.om> - Thu Jul 21 00:16:34 CEST 2005

Thanks for the great replies. :)

To defeat the tad pole boss (well, you can't actually defeat him), you have to swing on the platform below him, without falling into the water.
Then work your way up on the other side of the wall on the right. Once you reach the top, you will be able to leave the level through the door.

I would like to put up reviews of those games, but I don't have them. So untill I can find a copy that's not really an option. I would also like to put up lots more reviews, but sadly, like I said before it has gotten much harder for me to find the time to put one together as it takes several hours to write, get the pics, put it all together, check, doublecheck, etc... :(

Hopefully you also understand that I don't endorse the use of ISO's or roms. All the games on the site were collected thanks too Lee over at VideoGameImportsand all his work to get these hard to find games. ;)

As for exchanging reviews. I'd rather keep my own, and Yume's reviews on this site and VGI. (Unless Yume desides otherwise offcource. ;) )
But you're more then welcome to link to the reviews from you own page. And once your site fills up a bit, I'd love to put a link to it in my link section also. :) meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Wed May 11 19:12:36 CEST 2005
homepage: http://users.telenet.be/twin-dreams

Wonderfull site. Nice anime pics.
usher <unix-psx@as.ro> - Tue May 3 21:57:50 CEST 2005
homepage: http://www.unix-psx.as.ro/psx.html

Hi Mepian
ive not got round to picking up a copy of Meteos yet :( ive been busy working on a new website :) i still want to get it, but havent really used the DS in weeks, it needs a killer release (thats NOT a puzzle game ;))

if you have any reviews in the pipeline for shoot em ups, id appreciate it if i could use afew for my site, its actually about my 100th webpage ive made, but im now sure that this ones a keeper ;)

ill be working on a review for castle of shikigami 2 soon, so if you wanna trade any reviews, id be more than happy too.

Keep up the good work
TheEvilDead <stephanmac@ntlworld.om> - Mon May 2 00:05:55 CEST 2005
homepage: http://uk.geocities.com/bakuretsusekai

After reading the PSOne reviews I got myself a modded PSOne and set about my quest to find the games reviewed. So far I've managed to find Bokandesuyo, Adventure of Little Ralph, GaiaSeed, Harmful Park, The Rapid Angel, Kyuiin, all these great games that I'd never had heard of without this site. I've been searching for Finger Flashing for a while with no luck, I'm even considering buying the bloody thing :D

Anyone know where I can find it?

Sorry for my flagrant missuse of a guestbook :D

Are there any new PSOne reviews in the works? I'd like to see a review for Pete & Danny - The Firemen 2, Speed Power Gunbike, Robbit Mon Dieu!

Keep up the good work and thankyou for a great site
Richardstone <m.stone70@ntlworld.om> - Tue Apr 26 19:14:34 CEST 2005

Hey, great site, it introuduced me to many great games I never knew existed :)
I must ask this though, as I just started playing Umihara Kawase, what exactly do you do against that giant tad pole boss? He just runs back and forth, dropping frogs over and over, I don't see anyway to hurt him. Thanks for any help with this, and keep up the good work with the site.
Anarchic Wizard <Kolibiri@funblaze.om> - Sun Apr 24 18:45:48 CEST 2005

Thanks! :)

I'm sure you won't be disapointed. ;)

I'm still playing it daily, which is very rare for me. Something about it which has drawn me in and keeps me coming back. :)

I love the planets where the gravity is lower and the blocks come floating down more slowly. Just unlocked one where I can keep the rockets in mid air for a 15+ combo! crazy stuff. :D

Might have to update my review a tiny bit with a couple of details that I found out in my many hours of playing.
meppy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Fri Apr 22 20:19:49 CEST 2005

Great review of meteos, i was thinking of getting it on import but didnt really have much of an idea how it played, i think i shall get it now, looks classic, hopefully i wont waste TO many hours playing it ;)

keep the updates comming, Steve
TheEvilDead <stephanmac@ntlworld.om> - Wed Apr 20 23:32:56 CEST 2005
homepage: http://uk.geocities.com/itsdarkandscary

I had a hard time getting this info. Using an Action Relay or Gameshark type of device and entering the following code should do the trick.

Master Code= D0031C1A-1040
Normal code= 80031C1A-1000

The only other option is to get a stealth chip in your PSone or get a non modded Japanese PSOne or PS2.

Hope this helps. ;)
mepy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Sat Feb 19 18:41:21 MET 2005

Hi. Great site. Any ideas how to get Ore No Ryouri to work on a chipped PSX? matt
Matt <matt@ewtoo.rg> - Fri Feb 18 19:13:50 MET 2005

Long time no see mepian. Great to hear your going to keep twin dreams alive, I'll hopefully be giving you a few more reviews to use, although I do tend to take my time as you well know :p My own site is going to go under heavy revision sometime soon , not really sure which direction ill be taking it yet though. Anyway all the best mate
aaron_yume <afreestone@onetel.om> - Wed Feb 2 21:22:57 MET 2005

Hehe, thanks for all the great replies. :)

I actually want to put up more reviews,
but time always seems to be against me. ;)
I promise I'll continue with the site and not just let it die out, even if it takes a while to get going again.

Hopefully the high prices of some games have nothing to do with my reviews. :p
Probably just the fact that I tend to go for the more obscure games, which tend to be harder to find and therefor cost a bit more.

mepy <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Thu Jan 6 23:00:28 MET 2005
homepage: http://users.pandora.be/twin-dreams

Your site is totally groovin', Dude.
Beautiful pics, this site has it all.

TriForce Heart <TheWez@GMail.om> - Mon Jan 3 13:24:36 MET 2005

What a great site. A true internet gem.
Nearly all the PSX games you've reviewed are now sporting very high prices. Is it all your fault? I think so...
The net needs more stuff like this. Love.
uncle <uncle@us.om> - Sat Jan 1 22:42:51 MET 2005

Just wanted to tell you what a great work you´ve done with this site, the psx-section in particular - most of the games have been on my "to get"-list since I first discovered the site and started collecting seriously for the system. Still waiting for some new reviews though... =) Some more PCE-games would be also be great.

Keep it up!
Johan <sydfrukt@hotmail.om> - Mon Dec 27 14:09:33 MET 2004

Hello! I'm also a Raiden DX fan. I also have uncovered many secrets in Raiden DX(Arcade Game). I'm still trying to uncover just one more BIG SECRET.

This BIG SECRET is a RED HOMING MISSILE, I repeat, a "RED HOMING MISSILE"(not the usual green one!),

You will see this in the DEMO's(DEMONSTRATIONS). There are 2 DEMO's, the 1st is taken from the TRAINING STAGE, the 2nd is taken from the EXPERT STAGE.

NOTE: You will see this "RED HOMING MISSILE" in the second DEMO -- when that ground structure, containing a number of power-ups, blows up, when the mkII ship gets an "H" homing missile, the color is NOT GREEN but a STEEL RED HOMING MISSILE. Watch it really close because it shoots really quick. A friend told me that this homing missile has the destructive power of the "M" missile but he himself don't know how to get it. If anyone at all can give me INFO on this please...PLEASE, I BADLY NEED IT. In return, I'll show you how to get all those secrets that can boost your score to more than 5,000,000 points. PLEASE REPLY QUICKLY!! THANKS..
AJ Cabrera Jr. <ajcjr_dx@yahoo.om> - Wed Dec 8 11:47:52 MET 2004

Wery nice page, especially PsOne / Psx Section. Nice Reviews.
StreaK <streak@no-spam.pl> - Wed Nov 24 21:51:08 MET 2004

Very nice site, what more is there to say.
Richardstone <m.stone70@ntlworld.om> - Wed Nov 10 23:48:41 MET 2004

Just a note to say everything appears to work fine on my Dreamcast now mate :) Keep up the good work ;)
aaron_yume <afreestone@onetel.om> - Tue Sep 7 18:44:07 MEST 2004

Just one more thing.

For the moment I'm not looking for logos or other design thingies, as I have recently updated the whole site to make it look the way it does.
But thanks for asking. ;)

What I am loooking for is people who can provide screenshots from japanese games.
For Playstation ones I can easily make my own, but for stuff like Saturn and Dreamcast I'm having lots of problems getting screenshots to put up with additional reviews.
nightopian <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Mon Sep 6 15:01:40 MEST 2004
homepage: http://users.pandora.be/twin-dreams

Thanks everyone for the great replies.
It's been a while since I checked up on them. Sorry for that. :-/
I've just been etremely bussy these last couple of weeks/months.

I'll look into those CSS problems. I did notice that problem with IE browsers before, but I thought I worked it all out.

As for the menu's and backgrounds, I made them all by hand this time, so I could get them just the way I wanted.

On those saturn reviews. I am finally able to capture my own Saturn screens shots, so I'm sure reviews will come in the near future. ;)
NiGHTopian <nightopian@otakumail.om> - Sat Sep 4 14:00:28 MEST 2004
homepage: http://users.pandora.be/twin-dreams/

Hi there
Got directed here by Yume ;) Great site dude, love the background mess, real cool, hope to see the Saturn reviews soon :) and a forum would be good also :)
TheEvilDead <stephanmac@ntlworld.om> - Sun Aug 29 03:19:56 MEST 2004

*forgot to add

im bored! but i DO know how to use photoshop since i got the new one recently : photoshop CS :P so if you ever want any help i'd be glad jus drop me an e-mail!
Lionwing <strife_cloud_21@yahoo.om> - Mon Aug 23 04:55:05 MEST 2004

hey nice site. i hope you get more updates! :P
Lionwing <strife_cloud_21@yahoo.om> - Mon Aug 23 04:53:58 MEST 2004

Im sure you remember my Princess Crown draft copy? Well its complete now so its all yours to use on twin-dreams now :p Same url as I gave you before. I hope you like the finished review
aaron_yume <afreestone@onetel.om> - Sun Aug 22 12:35:43 MEST 2004

Hi just me again -_____-;
Forgot to mention this before but since youve starting using style sheets for layout I can no longer see any text on the site apart from links as browsers that cant read the stlye sheets just default the font colour to black..but the background colour is black! Maybe you should set the font colour once manually on each page just to avoid other users getting the same problem as well?
aaron_yume <afreestone@onetel.om> - Sun Aug 22 08:36:07 MEST 2004
homepage: http://saigoyume.proboards23.com

long time no see Mepian. hope you are well sorry I havent been by or pmed you in a while. Havent really been that busy just havent felt like writing much at all of late as lost some quite a bit of interest in the net. I should really make more of an effort again as dont wanna lose contact with you. Aaron
aaron_yume <afreestone@onetel.om> - Wed Aug 11 22:04:30 MEST 2004
homepage: http://uk.geocities.com/aaron_yume/index.html

Just awesome! Great website,keep up the good work.
Gonzo <raulduke76@yahoo.om> - Sun Aug 1 12:45:52 MEST 2004