Welcome to my little website.

Twin Dreams started out as a project called NiGHTopia on the geocities servers. From this point I transported the site onto the servers from Pandora. Which not only give me over twice as much space, but also gets rid of those annoying pop-ups. The original site was built with nothing but a humble Sega Dreamcast console. Since I finally had the opportunity to take my first steps into the modern world of high speed internet connections and finally got myself a laptop, I thought it might be appropriate to give the site a new start as well.

The original ideals for Twin Dreams will remain the same, therefore the site will retain it's spirit. I won't be using a fancy page building program, since I already put in so much work into hard coding the original, and I like the way it let's you delve into the code.

Now onto the introduction of what Twin Dreams is all about:
This website deals with all kind of Japanese videogames. Old or new, it doesn't matter. As long as the games are enjoyable to play. Although, you might as well know that my preference mostly goes to of classic genres or retro style games.
Most of the time these games will be sprite based, but that's not an absolute requirement.

I have created this site as a result of my own experiences in looking for particular information on the web.
I found it sometimes very difficult to find information on the web about the type of games that interest me the most.

Sure, you might come across pages upon pages of links to websites which deal with games such as Zelda, Gran Turismo, Virtua Fighter, etc.
But there are many more games out there that don't get this kind of coverage, and are ultimately forgotten.
Except by a handful of people on message boards or small sites such as this one.

That's why I decided to put this site together.

Here you will find games that could have been or should have been talked about for years to come because of their level of quality, but unfortunately were all but forgotten instead due to various unfortunate circumstances.
These hidden gems will probably never get the true recognition they deserve, but at least with more sites like this one, there will be a couple more people who know about them.
There is something that might strike you when looking at my reviews.
(besides the grammar ^_^ )
That is, you won't find review scores.

Why? Well, I don't believe in them.
A score is something that can mean different things to different people. Also, who's to say that giving a game a better score than another makes it a better game?
Every score is subjective, so I find it more appropriate to try and give information while sharing my personal feelings, but in the end letting you, the reader decide for yourself.
There are too many games out there to review them all, so I will try to concentrate on the ones that I personally feel deserve a bit more recognition or aren't covered on other sites.
You might also notice that new reviews won't be put up on a daily basis, although I do try to update whenever I get the opportunity. I believe in quality over quantity and try to put as much effort and attention into the reviews as I can.
The simple reason for this is that I'm still doing all of this by myself at the moment.
I can now use programs or applications to put this site together, but still feel in keeping the original intentions intact, every line of code has to be written by hand.

Certain views and comments on systems may seem a bit outdated, but there's a very good reason for that. ;)
They simply were my feelings or thoughts at the time of writing, so they may be a couple of years old. Sure I could rewrite them to be more objective and less personal, but where's the fun in that. ;p
This hobby should be viewed like it is, a hobby or even a passion, that's my oppinion at least.
Once you lose your gamers soul, it's time to find a new hobby instead of turning bitter. ;)

With all that said, I hope you enjoy visiting my site, and find it a place you'll want to come back to from time to time. ^_^