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November 4 2009

Time for another bi-yearly update. ;)
This time to mention that I have moved on to greener pastures and have started a brand new site with some lovely people, both old and new faces alike.
The focus remains on classic video game magazine scans, but with a bit of a twist as you will be able to see when you visit the site itself.

Anyway, from now on you will be able to find me here:

December 23 2007

As you might have noticed, it's been a very long time since I last updated the site.
There are various reasons for that, like the lack of time, but also by being a bit discouraged by the fact that many people simply used the reviews to know which iso's or roms to look for. It's so easy to simply download one of these games after reading about it, instead of having to search and wait for a certain game, and god forbid, actually pay for it. All this defeats the purpose of looking for obscure games and writing about them, well, at least for me.

Anyway, my spare time is now occupied by another project. one which might interest people who are truely interested in retro gaming.
Namely, preserving classic videogamemagazines from previous generations.

So you can find me here:

I'm currently working on the Official Sega Saturn Magazine and Maximum.

September 28 2006

Many people might have given up on seeing new updates, but I'm happy to announce that this will not be the case.
Although I'm not able to write up as many reviews as I would like to, I can assure you that there are a couple more being planned for the coming weeks. ;)

First off is a great new entry in the Super Famicom section, as Umihara was getting very lonely in there all by herself. ;P
So be sure to check out Magical Pop'n.

August 12 2006

I came across a great site today which has the same style of content this one does, only with a lot more games.

It's a bit scary actually when I first saw it, as it was almost like looking into a mirror.
Like reading the impressions and noticing that a lot of the time they sound like I could have written them myself.

And by the scary part I mean things like this:

I posted my review of Chippoke Ralph all the way back on February 20th 2004 and looking at Illusionwares update list their Chippoke Ralph review went up on February 26th, 2004. :D

Too bad I didn't find their site earlier.
I fully recommend taking a look at Illusionware.

December 21 2005

After promising it for way to long. (I don't dare to look at the date when I first mentioned it :X)
I've finally put up the completed review for Steep Slope Sliders 2 on the PSone.

Never heard of this game?
Well there's a very good explanation for it. ;)

Only catch is, you will have to read the review for yourself
to know what I mean. :)

A couple of other things I've cleaned up now are the games which do not (yet) have a menu translation page, used to have a dead link to such a page which off course didn't exist.
So I wrote a small page for Gomola Speed and for now deleted the links on the reviews which haven't had a translation page added.

November 18 2005

I'll finally be getting my copy of Mario Kart DS this Friday and have made my decal for my future kart. :)

So if you see anyone racing along with this logo, you know who it is! :D

If you'd like to make your own decal, create an image of 32x32 pixels and upload it to this site.

Hope to see you guys online sometime! I will be putting my friends code in the guest book and might even put up a page if enough people are interested. ;)

November 9 2005

Hehe, didn't notice my little site had gotten quite a bit of attention.

Looks like the people at http://www.retrogaming.it/ found it good enough to "borrow" a bunch of pics from my reviews. ;P

September 25 2005

Again it's been a long time since I did an update and I'm very sorry for that.

But that's the way things turn out sometimes...

Anyway, the new update is a game that I would love to play with the new Revolution Controller. So that one goes on my wish list along with a Shanghai game for the DS. ;)

Here's the review for Kururin Squash!.

May 14 2005

Not really an update to the site or anything this time.
I just wanted to let you know I have finally found myself a copy of a game I've been searching for, for a long, long time.

You might wonder what I'm talking about... Well, it's none other than Steep Slope Sliders 2. :D

What do you say? Never heard of the game? The game doesn't exist? That's not a surprise really, since it wasn't released under the name Steep Slope Sliders. ;)

But make no mistake, it is the true sequel. Not some half baked attempt that doesn't deserve the same name.
The graphics are a bit prettier but the style is exactly the same. (which is a great thing)
The controls are also spot on as is the general feel for everything in the game.

But I'm not going to spill the beans on this one yet. :p
Don't worry, soon I will add a review for this forgotten sequel to one of my favorite snowboard games ever. ;)

May 12 2005

Well, looks like you didn't have to wait a full year this time for a new review. :D
The one I've just put up is about a game that certainly is something unique.
I present to you: Electroplankton. :)

April 1 2005

After what seems like an eternity,
there is finally something new on this site. ;)

And it's non other than a review for

Hopefully the next update won't take this long eh? :p

September 5 2004

The first Saturn review is finally online, courtesy of Aaron Yume who runs Saigoyume.
The honor goes to Princess crown.
I'm hoping many more may follow. ^_-

Another thing that's been updated is the Nihongo Page. This now includes Ore No Ryouri and Raiden DX.
I've also put up a direct link to the guest book, so you're able to view it without posting first. The link is on the Guestboook page itself.

August 4 2004

Some might have seen the first 2 already, but today I've added another 6 Menu Translation pages. Namely for Chippoke Ralph No Daibouken, Finger Flashing, Gaia Seed-Project Seed Trap, Gussun Oyoyo, Harmful Park and Kyuiin.
Last week I put up both Kururin Paradise and Bokandesuyo, but I didn't mention it in an update. :p

So if you're interested in these menu translations,
check out the Nihongo page.
I'm planning on putting up the Ore No Ryouri one next, so I have my work cut out for me. ^_^

July 29 2004

Alright, the guestbook is up. And I'm in the middle of updating the navigation bar. I decided to go with a slightly different system, since every time I want to upload a review for a console that didn't have a section, I had to create and map a new navigation bar over and over again.
I'm aware that there aren't any sections for Xbox or NeoGeo systems on there, but that is simply because I haven't done any reviews on them.
The Sega section is empty as well, but I'm looking forward to getting some Saturn and MegaDrive games in there.

There might be some slight problems with trying to access certain parts of the site, while I'm rewriting certain pages and updating other. But I'm hoping it will be done within a day or 2. ^_-


What's this? 2 updates in a single day?
Well, yes. I finally finished the redesign of the site. Everything should be working now, so say goodbye to those 404 pages. ^_^
The next thing on my list is to start working on the menu translation pages.

If you find any errors or dead links on the site, besides the nihongo pages, just let me know.

July 28 2004

It seems like the site has come to a standstill for a pretty long while now, according to these logs. But what these logs don't tell you is how much work has been going on behind the scenes, without putting up on here what I was actually doing.
I have changed from coding everything in HTML to using CSS for some very important parts. Which took me quite a bit of time to get used too, but in the long end will help me maintain the site in a less time consuming way. Leaving me more time to build up content instead of having to wrestle with design issues all of the time.

The first thing you will notice if you're a regular visitor is that the review pages have gotten a major overhaul.
They should be much easier on the eyes and overall have a much richer feel. ^_^

The parts that still need work are basically all other pages besides the reviews, which were my priority.
An example of how the other pages will look like can be seen on the PSone overall review menu. This page still isn't 100% finished, but it's going in the right way.

One of the following things I like to do is put up a guest book, so visitors can finally share their opinions on this site.

June 13 2004

This weekend I have made and put up lots of new screen shots and review icons for Raiden DX and Gomola Speed. So these pages are finally finished.
I have not yet been able to start working on the menu translation pages, but I'm planning to start on them very soon.
What I did do is finally put up the Super Famicom review section, with the accompanying Umiharakawase review.
The site is being updated in leaps and bounds, which sometimes hasn't been going as smooth as I thought it would be. Hopefully I'll be having a bit more luck from now on.

June 5 2004

The PSone section is close to being complete, only a few more reviews need updating. The other review sections as well as the menu translation pages haven't been put together yet, but they will be in the next week or 2 I think.
Finally made it so that most links on the navigation bar actually have their own page instead of a 404.
I will be glad when everything finally is back in place, and I can start writing reviews again. It's been too long since the last one. But it looks like I will be getting more support from my friend Aaron yume,
who owns Saigoyume.
He will help fill these empty pages with brand new reviews. ^__^

May 25 2004

Lots and lots of work has been done on the new site. Very long hours have been put into it over the last few weeks, and still almost no one has seen the result. ^_^
I'm keeping the new site under wraps for now, but I'm slowly thinking about making it public. So if you are one of the few who accidentally came across my new place, take a look around and enjoy.
I can't start to explain what has changed. It must be close to everything. There is still lots of work to be done, but I finally have the feeling that I'm getting somewhere with this.
Hopefully everything will go smooth from here on out, so I can finally start putting some work into writing new reviews.

April 25 2004

The big decision has been made to finally transfer the site from Geocities unto Pandora, which will make my work both easier and harder at the same time.
The site has gone without updates for over a month now due to various circumstances. Those fearing that I was abandoning it may rest easy ;-) and those wishing that I did can simply bite me :-P.
There's so much work ahead of me, I'm not sure where to begin....
Some things will remain the same, other will be improved.
First on the list is transferring everything that was on the original and looking where things can be added. After that I'll look into getting reviews of Money Idol Exchanger and Block Kuzushi games up.
Both of these are again perfect examples of why I have the desire to make something like this come together. ^_^


This is where it all starts, the menu page.

Where your choice will lead you to reviews, impressions, gaming artwork, or perhaps off to a better site. :-P

I would just like to thank a couple of people who help me out on this project.

First off, there's Lee over at Videogameimports.
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to add all these great, obscure games to my collection.
How he keeps digging up these hidden treasures, still amazes me after all these years.
Besides delivering me my monthly gaming fix, you've become a real friend.
Wish there were more people like you.

Then there's Luc, who helps me with the web design and is generally giving some very good and needed advice.

Yume, who has gotten me into this mess. By telling me how all this can be done with only a DreamCast. Even though I've now changed from a DC to a laptop, the principle remains the same.