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June 5 2004

The PSone section is close to being complete, only a few more reviews need updating. The other review sections as well as the menu translation pages haven't been put together yet, but they will be in the next week or 2 I think.
Finally made it so that most links on the navigation bar actually have their own page instead of a 404.
I will be glad when everything finally is back in place, and I can start writing reviews again. It's been too long since the last one. But it looks like I will be getting more support from my friend aaron yume,
who owns Saigoyume
He will help fill these empty pages with brand new reviews. ^__^

May 25 2004

Lots and lots of work has been done on the new site. Very long hours have been put into it over the last few weeks, and still almost no one has seen the result. ^_^
I'm keeping the new site under wraps for now, but I'm slowly thinking about making it public. So if you are one of the few who accidentally came across my new place, take a look around and enjoy.
I can't start to explain what has changed. It must be close to everything. There is still lots of work to be done, but I finally have the feeling that I'm getting somewhere with this.
Hopefully everything will go smooth from here on out, so I can finally start putting some work into writing new reviews.

April 25 2004

The big decision has been made to finally transfer the site from Geocities unto Pandora, which will make my work both easier and harder at the same time.
The site has gone without updates for over a month now due to various circumstances. Those fearing that I was abandoning it may rest easy ;-) and those wishing that I did can simply bite me :-P.
There's so much work ahead of me, I'm not sure where to begin....
Some things will remain the same, other will be improved.
First on the list is transferring everything that was on the original and looking where things can be added. After that I'll look into getting reviews of Money Idol Exchanger and Block Kuzushi games up.
Both of these are again perfect examples of why I have the desire to make something like this come together. ^__^

Mar 17 2004

I did a retake on the Bokan Desu Yo review 2 days ago, just like I did on the Kyuiin one.
Problem is, I forgot to mention it in an update.
Things are very busy for me at the moment in the real world. Work, work, work, you know how it goes sometimes.
But I'm hoping to find time this weekend to finally get a review together for a game which I've been meaning to cover for a while now. Power Shovel Ni Norou.

Crazy arcade construction site game by Taito that's at least as much fun to play as it sounds crazy. ;)
I personally would call it the Ore No Ryouri for construction workers. :)
Hoping everything turns out as planned....

March 12 2004

After about 4 hours of work the promissed and fully opperational Raiden DX review is finally up in the PSone section.
Another thing I managed to do was put up some great little icons in the Harmful Park review.
Yesterday I heard that Disgaea will be released in Europe against all odds. :-)
I probably couldn't be happier, except for maybe an anoncement that all other Nipon Ichi games would be released over here.
Untill now I feared that I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy Disgaea, seeing that I have a Pal and JP PS2, but no US one. Now all I have to do is wait untill june...or was it july.....

March 10 2004

Today, while making small improvements to the site and puting up some new screenshots for various games, I came across my old Kyuiin review. And to be honest was a bit shocked how poorly it was put together.
This was probably my first review I ever wrote, quite a while ago for a friend.
So I desided to do a retake on it, in the hope of delivering a script which doesn't butcher the English language as much as the original did. ;-)

In other news, the PSone review for Raiden DX is sitting here, ready to be uploaded ones I get the screenshots for it. :-)

March 5 2004

It might seem a bit since I last updated, but I have been adding a couple of things, like small artwork to several reviews. And I've also desided on a background.
So I think this look might stay up without me changing it every couple of weeks.
I just didn't think I was worth putting up another update note for these small things

Today I've added yet another section, namely the Super Famicom review section.
The first one up is a review of the original Umiharakawase. One of the top games for the system, which sadly very few people know about.

Later this night I have also uploaded the PSone review for Umiharakawase Shun, both regular and Second Edition.

Februari 24 2004

Past few days I have been occupied with getting the Gomola Speed and Bokandesuyo reviews looking like I want them to look.
This meaning that these pages now include some colourful artwork instead of only text and 1 cover shot.
Thanks again to Luc for putting in the time to scan everything and upload them to the net. This place wouldn't look the same without you.

That's meant as a compliment btw. ;)

Today I have also put up the third review page, this time for GameBoy Advance.
First review on it is Kururin Paradise. Hope you like it! :)

I'm also looking into creating or getting my hands on a Galaga/Galaxian type of background for the site. It looks great in my mind, let's hope it also does in reality....

Februari 20 2004

All the navigation links are finally operational and working fine. So surfing the site should be a lot less painfull. :)

I have finally put up the review of Chippoke Ralph No Daibouken (The Adventure Of Little Ralph) in the PSone section!
This one should have been put up the first day I opened the site, but I wanted to be able to write a review that's worthy of the game. I hope I have achieved my goal...

I'm going to try and give Umihara the same royal treatement. The problem is that I'm not yet sure how to adress the issue of the multiple versions of that game.
I'm sure I will figure something out. :)

Februari 18 2004

I have finally been able to get some decent pictures of Gaia Seed up, instead of just the back cover.
I'm bussy with adjusting the screenshots measurements, so everything can fit better together.
Another thing I'm doing is getting as many gifs and other items together, so I will be able to dress the site up bit.
The last thing I'm in the middle of doing is adding various links to all pages so it will be much easier to navigate the site. :)

lots of work, but it will pay off in the end.....I hope. ;)

Februari 14 2004

This weekend I have completely redesigned the site, so I hope everyone is happy with the look. I know i am.
There were some complications with the design, seeing as the resolution and browsers of a PC and DC are very different. So there might be a few hickups here or there, but they really should be minimal.

If you happen to come across dead links or any other design booboos, just post me a hint in the guestbook. I'll get on it asap.

I found out the Finger Flashing link lead to Harmful Park instead. :( That is finally fixed. And I hope to be able to get more reviews up un the coming days...

Februari 12 2004

After putting up those new sections, I felt like putting up some more reviews.
So the first one in like is Finger Flashing on the PSone.

On a completely different note, I've just received SNK VS Capcom on AES. (my first new Neo game ever! :) )
I don't understand why so many people want to rip the game appart. Perhaps they just love to complain instead of talk about what they enjoy....
Ah well, I love the game for it's no nonsence approach. Skipping on all the unnessesary flash and hype, and focussing on what really matters: pure gameplay and strategic depth. :)

Februari 7 2004

I have finally put up another review section, this time for the PC Engine. Other systems will follow. To celebrate this new section, the review of Gomola Speed has been uploaded.
An other thing that I have done is put up a link page.

And since I can't review every single game, I have put up a preview section. Here I will give some basic information along with screenshots of games that have yet to be released or don't yet have a review up. It will allow me to update more frequently, since I can't produce reviews on a daily basis.

Januari 18 2004

I've been doing lots of work on the site this weekend. Sadly almost none of it will be aparant on the site itself. At least not immidiately. I have been optimizing my HTML code and cutting away dead code so the site will load at least a little bit quicker.
The other thing that I've been doing is preparing the site for future updates, so that everything has it's space where it should be. I should have done it when starting the site, since I knew nothing about website design, all the items were more or less shoved together in the same space.
My new systems could be arriving as soon as tomorrow. :) The news about the Famicom relaunch for the GBA combined with the new Famicom style GBAsp have my heart beating a bit faster. :)
Pre-order is already in, so now all I have to do is wait for its release. Oh and perhaps start living on water and bread to be able to pay my Visa bill. ;)

Januari 14 2004

I've added a very long Harmful Park review. well, at least it took me very long to write it. ;)
I haven't had the chance to spellcheck, so there will be some errars in their. :P Should be fixed soon.
Read the news today about the Famicom mini collection coming out for the GBA. I can't wait to get my hands on them, and also on one of those Famicom GBAsp's. I think I'm in love all over again. :)

Januari 7 2004

Today I have added a couple of screenshots for Bokandesyo.
It will be an interesting month, since I'm gonna be ordering my very first AV Famicom and a Japanese PS2. :)
Looking forward to playing Terra Cresta and Dodonpachi. Terra Cresta was one of those arcade games that I grew up with, so it'll be nice playing it again after so many years.
Looks like there will finally be some other reviews comming up besides Psone ones then. ;)

Januari 6 2004

PSone review: Bokan Desu yo added.

December 31 2003

It's been a few days, but finally did a major design upgrade. New background, new menu table, new link buttons. No more of that rough html code to be seen. :)

I'm quite happy with the results, if I may say so myself. A few days ago, I didn't even think this would have bee possible on a DreamCast. But here's the living proof.

Now it's time that I'll be focussing on getting the actual content up to speed. ;) Have 2 more PSone review ready to be coded and uploaded. So that will be my next focus.

December 28 2003

Made a couple of additions today. Added menu links to every page, instead of just the little clickable pic. Also moved the menu table from right to left. I didn't know a popup kept blocking it's view. :-/ Also made a little more room in the table for future links and a small aestheticly pleasing addition. Thanks for the recommandations, Tazzie. :)

December 25 2003

Added Kyuiin review today, and also put in a new foreword on the menu page.
Other than that, everything pretty much stayed the same.
Just changed a color here and added a small link there. Sometimes it's the little things that do it.

December 26 2003

Put up another review today, and I have 3 more waiting in the wings to be added. Just takes a little while to get it all together. Rocky X Hopper2 was the lucky one, and it looks like the other 2 have welcomed him/her with open arms. ;)

I have decided today not to add a counter to the site, since it would be to depressing. :P If not for that, perhaps because the danger of it burning into the screen would be to great. ;)

December 25 2003

Did a bit more work today. Added a guestbook to the site and also put together a table for the reviews. That way it's possible to give a bit more information on each game. Not only that, but it looks a whole lot better too. :)

I'm starting to realize that I'm going to have to be carefull with the amount of data that I can use for the site. Since I noticed this already, I'm sure it will save me the trouble of realizing in a few months that I'm out of space.

Next thing I'll probably do is add a few more reviews. The 2 that are online now are pretty long, but it's justa matter of time before they start to feel lonely. ;)

December 24 2003

It's the 2nd day of my experiment, and so far I have been learning a little more about coding HTML. I now begin to realize that this site will consume a lot of my time. Especially since I want to make an interesting place to visit. Having to code everything by hand is partly the reason why this project might turn out to evolve a bit slower than I had in mind. Well, that and having to do everything by myself. ;)

But, that's part of the fun, I guess.

I have tried to make the site a little more easy on the eyes, and I'm sure as I go along many things will improve.

One last thing, if anyone is out there: Merry Christmas! :)

December 23 2003

To anyone visiting this site, welcome This is my first ever attempt at putting up a website, so bear with me please. ;) I have absolutely no knowledge of HTML or any of that stuff, so I'm practicly learning as I go along. In fact I'm creating this site with nothing but a humble DreamCast.

I do have certain ideas of where I want to take it, but just nothing concrete yet. It will probably end up being a collection of screenshots, reviews and other info about videogames. More specificly, Japanese designed videogames.

As it's sometimes hard to find info on certain games, from the curent generation, but particulary from generations gone by.

Anything from Super Famicom, to Saturn, PSone, PC-Engine, etc.