Welcome to twisted movies

"Twisted movies" is a site about lesser known, but great, movies. It is a collection of my personal favourites. All movies reviewed here meet the following criteria: a high entertainment value combined with a twist. It is about movies that aren't "in the box" but are desperately trying to stay or get out.

Every movie listed here gets a short review to make you interested without telling too much and spoiling the movie experience for you. The reviews are written by a movie fan, not a film critic, and therefore aimed at fans. I myself experienced that movie fans are far more reliable than movie critics, and certainly more than the commercial media. So, I hope you'll enjoy my little collection of twisted movies.

You find three big sections on this site: an Asian, an American and an European section. Most movie fans favour one or the other section, and it helps to keep things structured. At the left of every movie review, you'll find suggestions about related movies. These suggestions cross the boundaries between the different sections, so that, I hope, you'll try an Asian movie for once, or even an European one. Because in my opinion, the Asian or European movies are easily neglected in our modern media; they don't have a commercial machine to promote them, although I find them mostly better than their American counterparts.


I'm preparing an update with movie reviews of "Necromentia", "Troll Hunter" and "Pontypool". I'm also adding links to the Internet Movie Databae.