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Tricot Trio
Neu Optimism

Once upon a time, it was yesternow, Olivier Moreau (Imminent) and Gabriel Séverin (Silk Saw) met Carmen Cardona, a young percussion player born in Belo Horizonte to a Cuban mother. "Neu Optimism" is the encounter between incredible, strange rhythms from Brazil and new directions from old Europe. The technical skills of Moreau, combined with the analog touch of dusty synthesizers from Séverin's own museum, were just missing spontaneity -- that's where Cardona came into the game. Her experience as a circus musician brought in layers and layers of craziness, launching a storm of creativity over the trio. Like a freak show monster, Tricot Trio, with its multiple faces, catches you in its mysterious world.

Tricot Trio - Neu Optimism


Skandalon Aha, Gubalda Test, Bardo Rayon, Affable Savage,
Tricot Sphere, Verduron, Gardjieff Moustache,
Der Schwarze Schlumpf, Bathroom Symphonette (2e Flux)

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Tricot Trio - Neu OptimismTricot trio - Neu Optimism

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Tricot Trio - Neu Optimism Tricot Trio - Neu Optimism