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Imminent Starvation

Label: Ant-Zen
Cat#: act 89.8
Format: cd + 7"
Release date: 1999

This edition includes in a transparent plastic box (solid curver box) the cd 'nord', the 7" vinyl 'nand', a t-shirt (xl size, 2 colour printing on front, 1 colour printing on back), a silver metal pin, several stickers (silver ink on black pvc), and one or more pieces of Imminent Starvation's mixing desk.

Limited to 707 copies.


Buy the digital version at bandcamp.


Nord boxset

cd Nord

02 Tentack one
03 Lost highway (exit)
04 Oise
05 Of
06 Ren
07 Vni
08 Arles
09 Ire
10 Parle
11 Please

7" Nand

a1 Tentack (abort)
Demolition derby
a3 Scrapyard
b loops



Imminent Starvation - Nord

Imminent Starvation - Nand

Imminent Starvation - Nord boxset