StarCraft 2 Art Tools Beta

Interesting how easy it is to do a nice model for StarCraft 2 using these ArtTools! Here is yet another model. Based on the low poly model head I did for Raynor on his Vulture, I decided to give the Marine model for Raynor a little update, and open up his helmet and show his face.
And here is the download of the SC2Mod file that you can add as a resource reference

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StarCraft 2 Art Tools Beta

I was greatly surprised and extremely happy to read about my invitation to the Art Tools Beta for StarCraft 2!!
So I got right into it. When I downloaded the StarCraft 1 remake MOD on SC2Mapster there was no real Raynor on his Vulture model. So I decided to do just that.
Here is the progress SC1 Vulture Raynor Model
And here is the download of the SC2Mod file that you can add as a resource reference

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3D Model Contest Danah

I have been participating in a modeling contest for a game, 2 entries, hopefully I will win.
You can find all the details here Rules of the competition
You can find my progress and result here inmy Final Entry

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Orc Must Die! Model Convertor

And yes again, these models from this great game by Robot Entertainment have been converted to the OBJ format for your pleasure of study!
Orcs Must Die! Official Website

Diablo III Model Convertor

As you know I'm a 3D Model lover especially when we are talking about extremely super games like Diablo III.
So I was kinda surpised to see that there was already a nice script to convert the Appearance or .app files to .obj available for the 010 Editor
Since I'm a programmer, being lazy I desided to write a little tool to convert the app file to obj, without having to donload the 010 Editor and figuring that out.
So Enjoy!

After 12 years the Griffon Studios Logo

After more than 12 years I finally took the time to create a logo for my ever and always wanted game company. No I don't have one and probably never will :(
Anyway that did not stop me from making a logo worth while of the name Griffon Studios. Hope you like it

StarCraft II Modd - Legacy of the Damned

It came to me as a big, but utterly amazingly surprice that one of my models had made it into one of Belgium best selling magazines.
When I turned the page on the new and upcoming extension of SC2 - Heart of the Swarm it hit me.
Official magazine site:
The progress on Legacy of the Damned can be followed here: A New Dawn

2011.07 / 2011.08


World of Warcraft WMO convertor

This tool allows you to convert the wmo models (World of Warcraft world model objects) into a file that can be read by 3D Studio MAX.
The script that reads the converted wmo model is included in the tool. The uvw coördinates are set and the m2 files get a postition.
Also the lights that come with the wmo model are extracted.


(M)Ogre Mesh Export Script

Export Script for 3D Studio MAX for exporting Ogre Mesh.xml files with/without the skeleton information, no animation is exported.
Extract the .rar file in the scripts\startup folder of MAX and open it via Utilities - MAXScript, select it from the dropdown.
The time I put into doing this learned me a lot of scripting and understanding 3D in more dept.
Of course there is a more professional tool that lets you do all of this and can be found here:


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2D Artwork

My RPG (Unnamed) Artwork - 2011
StarCraft II - Inspired Artwork - 2011
StarCraft II - MOD Artwork - 2011
Dragon Quest 2 - Remake - 2008
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