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Hi and welcome to our site,


The idea:


This guild started when a few rl friends got together and decided that it was worth the shot. One year and a few months later a lot of things have changed, a lot of friends left this guild. But we made many new ones. This guild is all about that....making friends and helping each other. I am proud to say that we are a family guild, a family that stands up for each other, a family that doesn’t mind helping the lower lvl’s.


The present:


We are a  growing guild, we do group lvl’ing a lot. We love to do rvr. When a new member joins we try to help him out in every way possible. We listen to all,... we don’t take big decissions without the vote of the guild. This guild stands or falls as one !


The future:


Our goal is to become a guild where everyone looks at with respect, where the members are treated with respect. In other words become one of the major guilds on Bors in rvr and in helping lower lvl’s level.

Like my fellow GM and friend hangemhigh said recently:” My dream is to run arround in Emain with two full LoD groups and be feared by all who crosses our path”,....thats should be our goal !



I salute you all, my friends, my family, our guild.



Co-leader The Lords of Darkness



8th century
Lament of the Frontier Guard
By the North Gate, the wind blows full of sand,
Lonely from the beginning of time until now!
Trees fall, the grass goes yellow with autumn.
I climb the towers and towers
            to watch out the barbarous land:
Desolate castle, the sky, the wide desert.
There is no wall left to this village.
Bones white with a thousand frosts,
High heaps, covered with trees and grass;
Who brought this to pass?
Who has brought the flaming imperial anger?
Who has brought the army with drums and with kettle?drums?
Barbarous kings.
A gracious spring, turned to blood?ravenous autumn,
A turmoil of wars?men, spread over the middle kingdom,
Three hundred and sixty thousand,
And sorrow, sorrow like rain.
Sorrow to go, and sorrow, sorrow returning.
Desolate, desolate fields,
And no children of warfare upon them,
      No longer the men for offence and defence.
Ah, how shall you know the dreary sorrow at the North Gate,
With Rihaku's name forgotten,
And we guardsmen fed to the tigers.