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I'm Ulrik (Rick). I live in Belgium, Europe.
I collect car and motorcycle license plates
(TPT#268 Francoplaque #63).

It's a great hobby: meeting other collectors who are really nice people.
I'm not into selling plates; it's more fun to swap them!

Another hobby of mine are classic cars and motorcycles. I own a '53 Citroen Traction Avant, a '55 Peugeot 203 and a '73 Triumph Bonneville, and I really do enjoy riding these classics!


I'm Ann, Rick's wife. I like to share my hobbies and interests with other people.

I love motorcycles. I ride a BMW K1100LT, although the K1 remains my favourite bike. I also love the Smart City Coupé cabrio, a wonderful micro-car that stole my heart. I gave a brief description of some other bikes as well.

I'm also seriously into music. I'm composing rockmusic with a dancebeat and ethereal influences, a quite unusual style that doesn't wear off quickly. There's a number of MP3 songs on my music site; wanna check it out?


Updates to Rick's pages:
New plates and countries added:
Anguila, Mexico, US and Europe.